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Vaida and Rolandas Skaisgiriai are different

However, it seems that Skaisgiriai is playing that it still affects a family.

"There is nothing here and hide – we have not been together for more than a year." And for quite some time, lawyers and lawyers have been working, "said Skaisgir, 15min, and added that a broader commentary on divorce has no purpose.

It has been said for a long time that Skaisgirė is establishing a new relationship with a Palanga businessman, and the latter's marriage has also collapsed.

Skaisgiriai becomes a five year old son, Ata.

TV producer, former basketball player Rolandas Skaisgirys and Vaida married in 2013 in Barbados. Then they had a son.

The fact that the family disagreed for more than a year has been known to Mr. Skaisgirys since he left the parental home and lives separately.

This marriage is the second for the TV producer and V. Skaisgirė is the first. Compose – 2011 year.

Recently, in the Lithuanian entertainment world, this is not the first news about the separation of famous people. Indrė and Jogaila Morkūnai have already filed the divorce petition before the court and Tuesday evening it turned out that the marriage was signed by designer Viktorija Jakučinskaitė.

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