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Composer, National Prize winner Faustas Latėnas, died on Wednesday evening at the age of 65. Photo by Elta

From tonight I will have to live without his warm embrace and care. Dad passed away. We will inform you later about parting from Him, ”wrote E. Latėnaitė, requesting not to disturb the family and to let them grieve.

“The harmonious, talented trio disintegrated … After the composer Faustus Latėnas started creating the heavenly musical theater, he fell into the world of the stage created by director Rimas Tuminas and set designer Adam Jacovskis … – Daiva Baltūsytė-Len, the director of Vilnius Small Theater, said of the loss and sadness of the ensemble.

“This death came as a shock to everyone,” said D. Baltūsytė-Len of the loss of her deputy from Vakaru žinios. ‘It was good working with such a talented person. And calm down. Faust’s measured voice. He managed to calm everyone down. ‘

According to the head of the Small Theater, F. Latėnas had left Lithuania until October 25, so when he returned, as usual, he was at home isolated, so they did not see their colleagues in the Small Theater for a while.

Earlier (October 22, 24) on Facebook, the daughter of composer E. Latėnaitė had reported that she and 7 other family members who attended a family celebration had contracted COVID-19. However, according to D. Baltūsytė-Len, F. Latėnas did not participate in this celebration because he was gone at the time.

Composer F. Latėnas belonged to a very clever generation of Lithuanian composers, once called “new romantics”. “Theater has always seemed like a refreshing breeze to my academic work. It is viewed more forgiving,” said F. Latėnas.

Jūratė Katinaitė, a musicologist and member of the council of the Lithuanian Composers Association, told “Vakaro žinios” that the news of the death of F. Latėnas was very unexpected. “Faustas was still in action, he had a lot of plans.” Faustas felt great because he was always active. I did not hear him complain about his health, “said J. Katinaitė.

Asked to describe the contribution and significance of F. Latėnas to Lithuanian cultural life, he said:

Faustas is a pioneer of Lithuanian theater music, bringing theater music into an independent genre and legalizing completely new cultural and musical codes. The beginning of his career coincided with the heyday of the Youth Theater, with the performances of Eimuntas Nekrošius. One of F. Latėnas’ first works was music for the performance “The Square” (1980) by E. Nekrošius. Already for this performance, he was awarded by the theatrical community as the best composer of that season. He simply entered the music world with a completely different musical language. while studying with Eduard Balsis, who also loved popular music and pop music, Faust has been a two-way composer since his studies, excelling in concert music structures and totally different in theater, film, where he allowed himself to be emotional, sentimental and banal. He would, I would say, “legitimize” the banalities in theatrical music as an important significant theatrical expression. ‘

According to the musicologist, a very important phase in F. Latėnas’ work was his work with the director R. Tuminas and the Kleine Theater – this connection was part of his life.

“As for F. Latėnas, it is necessary to mention his role as a politician in the processes of cultural policy-making,” said J. Katinaitė. – He was twice Deputy Minister of Culture, advisor to the Prime Minister for Culture and one of his last political positions was the work of the Cultural Attaché in Moscow. Faust was a diplomat everywhere. Both in life and in his work – he managed to find the center of gold everywhere. F.Latėnas managed to combine the expression of academic music with the expression of popular music in such a way that it simply became a new quality. He was the flagship of theatrical music, whose work lives outside the theater but is imbued with an inclusive sense of theater. “

As R. Tuminas has said, F. Latėnas always carried music with her, she was born before the performance itself …

Facts of life

– F. Latėnas was born in 1956. May 16, Dusetos. 1975 Graduated in 1980 from Giedrius Kuprevičius’ composition class, Kaunas J. Gruodis Higher School of Music. – Lithuanian Music Academy Prof. Eduard Balsis composition class.

– In 1990-1991 he was the director of the Vilnius Theater “Lėlė”, since 1996 he was the director of the Lithuanian State Academic Drama Theater, in 1999-2000 he was the general director of the National Drama Theater. In 2000-2004 he was the director of the Vilnius Small Theater

– F.Latėnas has composed music for more than 200 performances, and written music for more than 40 documentaries and feature films.

– He was not only the most prolific composer of contemporary theater, but also one of the foremost artists, making the name Lithuania famous abroad. Faust Latenas’ Renaissance chamber works have recently been preserved. It is fiercely performed on world stages, performed by the string quartet Art Vio, Čiurlionis Quartet, cellist David Gering, the Moscow Virtuosos Orchestra and other famous Lithuanian and foreign artists.

– Composed more than 50 compositions for symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, string quartet, instrumental ensembles, organ, piano, voice and choir.

– F. Latėnas and his wife, art critic Ramute Rachlevičiūtė, raised three children. His brother Algirdas Latėnas is a well-known actor and director in the country.


On November 5th it is possible to say goodbye to composer Faustus Latėnas in the Lithuanian Composers’ Union House (A. Mickevičiaus St. 29, Vilnius). 12 noon to 7 pm and November 6. 9 pm-12am

November 5 6:00 pm – St. Mass Vilnius St. Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (Sėlių str. 17).

The box will be removed on November 6. 12 o’clock

The funeral will take place in the Artists’ Hill of Antakalnis Cemetery. Family members ask to pay tribute to the composer with a flower ring. Also follow the safety recommendations, protect each other.

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