What is the difference between north and south light?

In principle, this process seemed to be similar in the north and the south. In 2009, however, it was found that the northern and southern lights differed considerably: one of them takes a few hours later than the other, their widths and directions differ in the sky. Now a new analysis of observation data helps to find out what makes the difference.

The magnetic field carried by the solar wind is usually directed to the east-west, i. perpendicular to the magnetic axis of the earth. The interaction with the magnetosphere of the earth seems asymmetrical and disturbs the magnetic field of our planet. In one hemisphere a collection of banana-shaped magnetic lines is formed and in the other a similar mass in the form of a circle. This uneven distribution of the magnetic field also influences the appearance of light.

It is true that the magnetosphere tail – opposite the sun on the earth side – can merge and level the magnetic field lines; so the asymmetry of the light is slightly reduced.

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