Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite – the best budget smartphone? (Review)

Where are those murderers? But in the smart budget segment, Varle.lt phone specialists say that manufacturers really have a hard time. "Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite" – smart, easy to become 2018 budget mobile phone killer.

Because of the excellent price-quality ratio, the smart people of Xiaomi have a wide range of fans. However, the telephone specialists at Varle.lt noticed that not everyone is ready to change the normal Android to the MIUI system. For such people, Xiaomi has started making intelligent, "clean" Android operating systems. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is the cheapest representative of this series, which costs just over 200 euros.

Design and ergonomics

The first time you look at Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, you can see that it looks very similar to the iPhone X. Of course, the screen lock does not only have the iPhone, but it has just begun with this dubious trend. The front of the 5 Mpx camera, a speech loudspeaker and a sensor set are placed on the screen.

We have a large 5.84 inch. diagonal widescreen display, followed by the "dead zone" where the previous smartwatches contain navigation buttons, and now only one small message infector. A dual camera module (12 Mpx + 5 Mpx) with LED flash and fingerprint reader is located at the back of the cabinet.

The screen is 79 percent of the front panel. The frames are thick enough on the sides, with a width of 3 mm. The Xiaomi designers seem to be floating screens that deliberately make the Xiaomi Mix series unique.

The telephone body is clearly lacking in thinness, with a thickness of 8.8 mm. Well, but the manufacturer has a 3.5 mm audio connector, which is quite difficult to integrate into thin devices.

The back is made of metal, but plastic inserts on the top and bottom provide better wireless signal reception. On the right side of the screen we usually find the switching and volume control button. The left side has an expansion slot with two SIM cards and a memory card. Below is a speaker, a microUSB connector and a microphone. At the top edge we find an extra microphone, headphone input and infrared connection. The manufacturer offers three colors Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite models: black, gold and blue.

Generally, the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite design gives the impression of a well-mounted device, but it lacks extraordinary details of the crowd. According to the Varle.lt specialists, this is a standard telephone with standard goods, the Xiaomi products are characterized by collection quality.

Display and sound

The manufacturer did not really like the screen here. Mi A2 Lite has a matrix with a resolution of 1080 × 2280 pixels and a value of 5.84 inches. the screen is even too big, but we can enjoy the complete absence of pixelated images, clear, vivid, contrasting and very detailed images. The use of the device in low light has a special night mode, which reduces the load on the eyes. Incidentally, it is possible to set this mode to automatically start at a set time or after sunset. Another pleasure is that the manufacturer has added the tailgate to the set. Such accessories are always handy, especially if you have a new phone.

The external loudspeaker is only one and it is located at the bottom of the telephone. With a maximum volume setting, the phone will make so much noise that you will not miss calls and new messages. During music playback, the loudspeaker not only displays the volume, but also the quality. When the headphones are connected, the sound becomes even more pleasant. "Mi A2 Lite" is really capable of reproducing the entire spectrum of the spectrum without any distortion, so it is possible to enjoy almost any piece of music with pleasure. Really unusual, the price of this category of smart people can guarantee this.


The heart of the phone is the legendary Snapdragon 625 processor with a 2.0 GHz tactical frequency and an Adreno 506 graphics card. Despite the fact that the processor is not new, it is still perfectly resistant to most daily tasks. The manufacturer offers 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage capacity, as well as 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage model variations. The smartphone works on a purely Android 8.1 operating system. For those who already like to pay by phone, you will be disappointed because Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite does not have an NFC function. This phone has no problems with the implementation and simultaneous processing of different gadgets, you will not really suffer from delays or interruptions with this smartphone. When it comes to game performance, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite lets you play all modern games without interrupting. However, not all games let this phone play comfortably with maximum graphics settings. Therefore, to play World of Tanks, Mortal Combat and PUBG, you have to choose the average settings.

Software support

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite was developed under the Google AndroidOne initiative. This means that the technical characteristics of this device meet the requirements of Google, while software support is equal to the "clean" Android operating system. Undoubtedly, a "clean" version of Android can prove to be boring and miserable. Others, on the other hand, will like the lightness and speed of the interface. Neither one nor the other should, however, have any claims to the stability of the system. During the testing of the Varle.lt specialist, the phone is not available at all not passionate and showed a truly enviable degree of stability.

Battery life and standby time

The Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite has a battery of 4000 mAh, which in combination with an economical processor and a modest screen size ensures a really good stand-alone operation. This is proven not only by testing the Varle.lt telephone during the preparation of the assessment, but also by carrying out synthetic tests. The Mi-A2 Lite battery lasted 16 hours with the PC Mark Battery battery test, which measures the operating time of the device for routine use. and 24 minutes This means that a fully charged battery should be sufficient for two days if we do not actively use the device. The total battery of the phone is 24 hours for 3G talk time, almost 16 hours. for surfing the web and for almost 13 hours. play video.

Unfortunately, we do not have fast-charging functions here and a modern C-type USB connection, but let's not forget that the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is not class flagpole, but can be forgotten due to the low price.

The camera

The Mi A2 Lite manufacturer has a dual camera with artificial intelligence and laser focus. The first camera module has a resolution of 12 megapixels (the Sony IMX 486 module is used) and the resolution of the module is 5 megapixels in the portrait mode for the second used image depth. Portrait mode really works here. Intelligent virtually always distinguishes the central object correctly and blurs the background in the background.

The quality of the photo's is really delicious here. Under favorable lighting conditions the images are clear, contrast and detailed. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite almost always determines the exposure correctly, but if you want or need it, you can always use the manual settings.

Is Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite worth buying?

If you are a fan of the "clean" Android operating system and want a high-quality smartwatch with compact (according to current standards) dimensions – Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite really deserves your attention. According to telephone specialists from Varle.lt, this smartphone is an ideal device for those who do not want to touch on the nuances of the operating system settings, but simply prefer to use what is already configured. The main advantages of Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite are: excellent stand-alone time, high-quality display and sound, slim camera, beautiful and comfortable design and a clean Android system. As far as the drawbacks of this overview model are concerned, attention should be drawn to the lack of fast-charging functions and the poor quality of photos in low-light conditions. In summary, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is intended for customers who need reliable, stable, intelligent and affordable.

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