40 schools are preparing to test the entire daily model

According to this model, children at school could be up to 17 hours, and in exceptional cases up to 19 hours.

According to Aidos Adiklienė, director of the Proevolutionary School Panevėžys Rožynas, according to the wishes of the parents, a full-time school experiment proposes to take part in the first-year eight-year-olds: "We would also like a lot of voluntary parents." They can help children prepare lessons, carrying out educational activities and presenting different activities, for example learn how to master, knit, sew, educate, talk. "

Kedainiai Juozas Paukštis, Director of Progaming, Tereza Sotnik said that local businessmen opted for toys and constructors for an extended day group, while one company organized that children who visited this group would receive soup every day.

"In my opinion, one of the biggest problems of the school day project is the unresolved issue of feeding children, so it's good that there are entrepreneurs who care about children," said T. Sotnik.

Applications for full-time work with students were submitted by 102 national schools.

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