Attractions on the coast boast boys

Waiting was hoping to walk

"Drunken women are worse than ten brave men, they not only obey, but also scratch, fall on the floor, threaten, shout, play, accuse them of nothing, and all they do is untold." Men are much simpler, and helpers of women trying to cope, but they are doing great ", says Jonas Pirožnikas, the head of the rescue service in Palanga.

A typical example of the work of the lifeguards of this summer is last week's event on the central beach of Palanga.

The savior saw a drunken woman as she slipped into the sea.

The man who did her work wiped her the next five times and every time she wrote the vacationer to the coast.

Initially the holidaymaker tried to cheat, and said that he would not mind if the lifeguard would bathe together.

But when he realized that the conversation was serious, he began to claim that he was completely sober.

The savior of the lost patience began to shoot a woman who was badly beaten.

Having heard the man say that he has to be drunk in a public place is not necessary, and even more so in bathing, she has explained her aging because she wants to walk away.

The exit of the water is restless. There is no alternative than calling the police.

The woman did not obey the officials, I did not go to the official car, tried to climb into the cluster, and when the officers lost their patience and took the drunken woman by the hand, fell to the ground, shouted, cried, demanded to film, then not to film and as a result.

Soon a man came to the police, he did not know if he was a friend of this woman, or maybe just protecting a woman who loves a gentleman.

The man's behavior was correct, so officials did not claim him, but he could not help his girlfriend.

Pink bun – behind bars

He was taken to the police with a bikini welder in the alcohol meter, who sprayed 1.34 inches, although the behavior seemed to be much brighter.

The perpetrators had to spend pre-trial detention for up to five hours in a closed cell.

It was expected that after a few hours they would leave the ice rink and would be able to communicate adequately with police officers.

It was then claimed that the violinist violated the three standards of the law.

In the first place she is punished for bathing at sea while she is drunk.

In addition, they are held responsible for not complying with the requirements of legal officials and drinking and drinking in a public place.

Go to court

The fine imposed on women who violate these laws is decided by the Palanga District Court.

So the inhabitants of the capital will have to come to the resort again, only this stay will not be so entertaining – a woman must be very disappointed about her behavior.

Drunken women do not only behave on the coast, they are punished and as a result of misbehavior in other places in the resort.

Gintautas Pocevičius, head of the Reaction Unit of Palanga's police station, assured that too few people were detained and taken to the committee for drunken women. That is why their behavior is more memorable for officers and rescuers.

The officer confirmed that some of the cruel sex workers behave terribly.

Shouted: "Violent!"

This summer there was another case in which rescuers who stayed on the coast on the coast drew a drunken girl out of the water. She did not manage to talk to the good man, I had to call the police.

An enthusiastic girl did not want to go to the police car. He held his hand in his hand and shouted the phone with force to rape her.

In such cases, care providers use smartphones to record and record events. That was the case all the time.

Even her very intoxicated girl did not forget her rights and began to blame her, forbade filming, threatened the courts.

There is no other way to explain in an environment that is difficult to focus that the act takes place in a public place and rescuers have the right to film their own work.

This is not a violation of the law.

The boxer tried to fight

To beat holidaymakers in the unfinished sea of ​​waves, emergency workers must use physical force.

Drunken person is hardly oriented in the environment, the more he is unable to adequately respond to the dangers.

Rescuers laugh jokingly out about & # 39; potential appearing & # 39; to drink in water.

Reduced guys try to prevent them from falling into the sea to protect them from drinking.

Boys simply block the way to the sea for such vacationers.

Our responsibility is to prevent them from drowning.

"Our duty is to prevent them from drowning, if we do nothing, we will not be able to save all the bragging rights," said Palanga rescue team of the city J. Pirožnikas. "We had to catch up with a boxing federation actress this summer and we got a vacation trip for the people, my husband hovered in ugly words, tried to grab my phone, tried to hit, but I stopped, and he dropped, they came to the officials his hands clasped his hands, his hands clasped with his handcuffs, the situation resembled the case of a drunken woman, he behaved very awkwardly, perhaps he did not even see himself.

Do not try to provoke

People who are drunk on the lawn are rising in the summer days in the afternoon.

It is true that the rescue workers & # 39; gathering & # 39; which have fallen on the eve of the night or & # 39; at night.

J. Pirožnikas confessed that even those who are angry and very courageous trying to talk, joking, making a joke, directing their attention and not causing conflict.

First of all, the rescuers try to explain what these people have done unlawfully.

Rarely in Lithuania is not known that a public place is forbidden and punishable.

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