Crash on the road to Alytus-Seirija: doctors rushed to the wounded for help

The police said a collision with two cars was taking place on the Alytus-Seiry road. Two people would have been injured.

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On September 18, at 9.12 am, a man (born in 1998), on the road Alytus-Seirija 24 km, Seirijos mstl., Algirdas g., While driving the Opel Astra, chose not a safe driving speed and hit the car Audi 80, which was on the road and was about to go to the gas station. The Audi was driven by a woman (born in 1980).

After a road accident, the Audi driver and a passenger traveling together (born in 1996) were transferred to doctors and transferred to Alytus County. S. Kudirkos hospital for research.

Both drivers are down-to-earth.

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