Double citizenship is a turning point on the right

The working group chaired by the president of the Seimas Arvydas Nekrošius suggests that the referendum on the validation of dual nationality does not take place only two days but two days. And even with a two-week break – during the first and second presidential elections. Professor Alfonsas Vaišvila, a well-known lawyer, calls these intentions a simple lightning and I spoil the good.

A working group that decides how a referendum on dual citizenship can succeed has a new idea: the referendum should take place next year on 12 and 26 May, together with the first and second round of the presidential elections. The attorneys' comments were not taken into account in order to undermine the principle of equality between individuals, since voters would have more information after two weeks; that votes should be counted immediately after the vote; that we will laugh at the world, because nowhere is the vote taking place with a two-week break, etc. The working group tries to reach its goal in all possible ways, and the referendum with a two-week break, as stated by Ramūnas Karbauskis , leader of the "farmer", can give at least 8 percent hope. more voters

"We have a different case when we are guided by law and political expediency, I really want to win that referendum without respecting the law." The referendum law is one, but for each referendum it is desirable to have a separate The Constitution does not specify how a referendum should be organized, which should be legally foreseen, but it can not be specifically amended by law for a given referendum There is a general legal principle that legal norms are drafted for general conduct and not for a specific case.In Antanas Smetona & # 39; s time the only law for a certain person was adopted – to award a prize to John Basanavicius.And this has become a scary tradition for us. remember that the case of Rolando Pakso, when the legal rules for one person were made, is far from the only one, which contradicts the Constitution ", – stated well-known lawyer A.Vaišvila.

The professor notes that when a referendum is held by the government, all privileges apply and national initiatives are hampered by artificial obstacles.

"Let us remember the same Earth referendum Before election voters' certificates were handed over to the electorate by referendums During the referendum there were no leaflets for the first time, no information was provided, when I asked why I was told that everyone had an internet connection "Where is all the information?" In one way or another, when we choose a Sejm or a president, nobody no longer "no longer" on the Internet, "no longer", and during a referendum on dual nationality, "believes lawyer.

A. Vaišvilas is also criticized by the proposal of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Viktoras Pranckis to co-sponsor the referendum on the reduction of the number of members of the Seimas. According to him, this is another way to tempt voters.

"We would at least be able to confirm the norm that the referendum on dual nationality takes place as long as the required number of voters is voted," says the professor.

According to A.Vaišvila, the new referendum will be humorous because it does not reveal what the content of this dual citizenship will be.

"What does dual nationality mean? Do we have to pay state costs for citizens who live abroad? If they have only rights but do not have the duty to serve in the army and contribute to the maintenance of the state, then it violates our constitution, who says that all citizens are equal, but this does not happen because it does not want voters to vote, "said a lawyer.

According to the professor, every man, whether he is a proponent of dual nationality or an opponent, must appeal against such convictions of the Sejm.

"Like crafting the reduction of the members of the Seimas, because the Seimas are allowed to vote for it, the referendum is not necessary at all, but now it is somehow suddenly thought that this should be demanded by the Nation, although his opinion on this matter was not relevant, we now have to attract as many voters as possible, and the most important thing is that if we adopt a dual citizenship, it will not be better for us, for example, in Israel, a man who has dual nationality, when he comes to serve in the army, immediately goes to science, business and arrives to serve, even if he lives in America.We do not so socially think, and dual citizenship will only have this liberal attitude against the duty to strengthen the state ", – stated A.Vaišvila.

According to Lauri Matjošaitytė, chairman of the Central Electoral Committee, organizing a referendum on dual citizenship during two weekends is an unprecedented event in Lithuania, of which the organization would not be an easy process. The chairman of the CEC is of the opinion that the Constitutional Court should turn to the Constitutional Court for an interpretation of whether this is in conflict with the Constitution.

"If a decision is made, it will be a big challenge to execute all aspects precisely to keep it running, so that fewer complaints can be submitted and things can go smoothly." There was only one two-day referendum, the referendum from 2003 on the EU membership that took place for two days, but then it was held for two consecutive days and we did not have a break, we will discuss the members of the committee, there are different opinions, but this is not the decision of the CEC – we are the only executor ", – L.Matjošaitytė told reporters.

When asked who would protect the ballot boxes between the ballots, L.Matjošaitytė replied that this probably would not be the CEC, because the latter does not have the technical capacity. "The CEC can not really use this responsibility to keep bulletins on for two weeks – we do not have the technical capabilities, the district committees also lack such opportunities, in which case cooperation with police officials and the transfer of these ballots should be possible – maybe they can cope, "said the CEC president.

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