Drawings to the Vilnius crossings will remind the most important behavioral rule on the road

The company wants to stop children at the intersection and remind them of the need to take a closer look at the street before they take to the streets, according to a media message distributed by the insurance company.

I will remind you of the essential rule

After Vilnius & # 39; Kalbančių perėjimai & # 39 ;, which has been a great success last year, the schoolchildren of this year returning to Vilnius will see surprising drawings next to the 27 unregulated school crossings. The main text invites you to remember the most important rule: first, before you go to the doorway, look to the left and then to the right – only convinced that there is no car on the road or they stop running, go ahead.

Illustrator Milda Griciūne, who signed up for the "Lietuvos Draudimas" and joined the drawing, said that the main idea of ​​the project was to remember for whom the design was intended.

"My job was to create an imaginative, child-friendly drawing that the student can easily understand, even without reading the text.For contemporary children, graphical intuition is very important because they are used to clear visualizations on phone screens. responsibility to make children the most important rule of safe behavior in the clearest and most appealing way ", says artist M. Griciūne.

The situation is improving

According to the police commissioner of the Vilnius province, the accident in Vilnius in September remains high every year because of the traffic intensity.

"Traffic in cities is increasing in September, and it is very important that not only the city police but also the urban community and the business community promote the awareness and alertness of people on the road." Protect Me "is a great example Every year attracts the attention of road users and produces great results In our opinion, the gift of this action is very important – reflective vests.At the beginning of autumn, the visibility is decreasing, so it is important that drivers can find pedestrians from afar ", says Dainius Šalomskas, head of the police department of the police of the Vilnius police headquarters.

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