For three months, the court arrested a suspect in a murderous Ukrainian suspect

The court of Kaunas has allowed a citizen of Ukraine, O. T., to be arrested for three months on suspicion of killing two men in an assassination attempt to kill two people in a dangerous manner.

"The suspect is a citizen of a foreign state and is not bound by any social relationship in Lithuania, so it is clear that at this stage of the process the use of a milder preventive measure is not appropriate, because it is a very real possibility that a suspicious flight for a research officer, public prosecutor or judge "said Larisa Tamulionienė, judge of the prosecutor's office.

As reported by the court, the strongest degree of custody is imposed on the suspect because he, because he is not isolated, may try to influence the victim.

"The suspect knows the whereabouts of these persons and can therefore try to exercise an unlawful influence", says the statement.

When deciding to arrest, the court also took into account the fact that a Ukrainian 42-year-old O. T. is suspected of committing two very serious crimes, for which he is faced with a long, real prison sentence.

The suspicions of the Ukrainians OT are due to the fact that, after being drunk with alcohol, on August 22 in two apartments in the streets of Krėvė and in the streets of June 23, during a conflict, he killed two knives with two knives.

He also suspected that he was planning to kill two more people by causing a fire in the corridor of the last apartment where he had laid a blanket. He failed, however, because one of the victims opposed him and the other could jump through the balcony.

The suspect runs the risk of deprivation of liberty between the ages of 8 and 20 or lives.

According to prosecutor, Vitold Guliavicius, the Ukrainians who arrived in Lithuania worked legally, working in a company that was involved in the construction and renovation of buildings. The head of the main police of Kaunas Darius Žukauskas province told the BNZ that the company where the Ukrainians worked cooperated with law enforcement. The officials of the title do not publish it.

The suspect gives a personal disagreement with the victims.

Officials say that this serious crime, like many murders in Lithuania, was influenced by alcohol.

As announced, the police officers of the Kaunas district arrested a Ukrainian suspected of murdering on Thursday evening.

A 42-year-old man was arrested for about 20 hours in the vicinity of a yacht club, police said. The suspect tried to flee, but the police arrested him.

On Wednesday evening and Thursday two dead Ukrainian citizens were found in Kaunas.

Wednesday, 10.44 pm A fire was announced in the nineteenth century in Kaunas. At that time, firefighters carried out two Ukrainian citizens from the flame of the apartment: a doctor who was born in 1989, was found dead and was born in 1994, born from G.H., who was traded to a medical institution with vital functions.

After the fire was fired, another Ukrainian citizen, AV, born in 1998, fled from the apartment.

It turned out that a Ukrainian was killed by a knife, another was tried to kill, and a fire was caused to hide the crime.

Because of these crimes, the Kaunas police announced Thursday the search for two Ukrainian citizens.

At 1.40 pm The body of a man who was born in 1985 was found in a covered sandbox in apartment buildings on the street V. Krėvė in Kaunas. It is believed that a man was killed in the place where the body was found, and then his body was hidden.

According to preliminary data, signs of violence were observed on a man's body.

According to the police, all persons are familiar with each other, and two of them – the murdered and also the brothers 1998 -. They all came to Lithuania to work in construction. When the work was finished, the construction workers were ready to leave for Ukraine on Thursday.

There were two fire burners in the bed: the bed burned, linoleum and doors burned between the room and the corridor.

The investigation is organized and managed by prosecutors at the first public prosecutor's office of Kaunas.

The suspect. Police photo

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