I. Meškauskas. For the Sąjūdis – 30 years. Born hard, grew quickly

Movement of the Sąjūdis in 1988 in Vingio Park Photograph by R. Urbakavicius

Movement of the Sąjūdis in 1988 in Vingio Park Photograph by R. Urbakavicius

Sajudis was delayed in Kedainiai. He was created in a different way than his neighbors, Panevėžys grazed, Raseiniai too, and in Kedainiai, a disturbing silence. My teacher at Anyksciai Gymnasium, commander of the small company Antanas Kryžanauskas, a political prisoner who lives in Kedainiai, worries about the silence and asks me to start as head of a legal relationship with public relations. But how to get started. There is no theory or practice. I spoke about the director of the House of Culture House, A. Dambrauskas, as a former political prisoner, afraid to even talk about it … In my working environment, in the courtroom and at the public prosecutor's office, the idea of ​​what kind of kind of movement comes from far. There is no militia and no language. only The young judge, Antanas Jarashius, has been succeeded.

The moment of initiation of the group was determined by chance

On Sunday afternoon the former head of the Ministry of Culture, head of the Education Department, the chairman of the collective farm and the director of the Vaclovas Volkus school arrived. We both look at the passivity of society and appreciate the fear. We have decided what to do. We decided to use an individual contact to create an initiative group of skilled individuals with the authority to make it attractive to the public. V. Volkus, who worked in various responsible positions, had social relations, I also had public duties in my role, I was chairman of the union of state institutions, chairman of the court of the city council, had the opportunity to contact, work individually. We invite you to invite the initiative group on 5 August.

By inviting the initiative group to what kind of opinions you have not listened to: an atomic state, mountains with tanks, that will force it to deviate from Lithuania. Only the loyalty and purity of the Soviet society is verified, the pickpockets are in one night in one car. I got some tips, for example:

– You have a good job, a woman, two children, a spit, a swimming pool that lends lives in trouble – advises.

You will not say that there was no wise, sincere advice. Actually, I was a well-adjusted city dweller, but when I saw the revived tricolor, my spirit was, as in love, driven by emotions.

Most of them agreed, promised to come, but did not come. V. Volkus also agitated. My wife, Janina, was grateful for her grandmother's shawl, which was given to her memory, combined colors and made flags.

Of those invited by thirty and thirty, only eleven people dare to come.

With the participation of Panevėžys Sajudis representative Vytautas Šereivai, we unanimously decided to establish a Kedainiai Sajudis Initiative Group.

The next day the KGB-commissioner of the district, J. Kudresov, comes to my office and asks what the counter-revolutionary headquarters is that I am preparing myself. I show the minutes of the meeting, which refers to the name of M. Gorbachev. Asked by surnames. Publicity and democracy do not allow concealment.

From me directly to the District Party Committee

– Which members of the party, when sitting in a private house around a white table on which two civil Lithuanian flags are crossed, did they sing the bourgeois national anthem in the stands?

Because half of the members of the Communist Party, members of the initiative group, while disappointment was prevented, except Volodymyr Volok, continue to take that risk, others ask to be removed from the initiative group or others simply do not participate. I try to make it clear that the protocol is written and signed, and there is no way back, the initiative group was established …

The first part of the group "Sąjūdis" is located below the waist. J. Kudresov continued to ensure the continued movement of the movement: he dug stones, engraved holes: he built a car of olive shrubs, photographed the meeting and slept in the night a person with a mental handicap and sent provocative letters.

There is a miracle in the face of falling emotions – after learning about the establishment of the initiative group, teachers, doctors, researchers from the Institute for Land Reclamation, want to participate in the movement. After the second meeting there is no place to get involved. On the victim of the initiative of the strike of J. Kudresov, like on the yeast, Sąjūdis blows. How much does the KGB infiltrate, a God knows. Their works will appear later. Patiently, after one hour, they explain grievances, disadvantages, negligence of the government, suggestions concerning the chemical plant especially for human health, when it was sometimes not possible to breathe, broken synthetic socks for women, and the Soviet lungs resisted the taboo. Nature damage was caused by scientists from the Institute of Land Reclamation.

When we talk about disadvantages, when we look at the tricolor, we tumble between deep-seated hope and despair, we sometimes experience an unpleasant experience, we are accused that if we are not afraid of exile, our husbands, our families will not exile . Not a good life, so you have to swim in the second hour. & # 39; night Which prophet can say what a fuss can bring? The soldiers who meet on the street ask how they are moving. When the display of the thumb is answered, I will not return my nests / / We do not give Lithuania /.

Without having to wait a long time, we decided to take people to the street. We have made a plan of what the preparatory work will be. When everything was organized, it turned out that none of the choirs in the district have hymnal words or courage and can not sing. Gered St. Head of the choir of the church of St. George Keparutis. He had expectations and could sing.

The success of the multi-thousandth rally in the city stadium showed the influence and strength of the Sajudis group, who wanted to capture the KGB section. The initiative groups were quickly used by the children of J. Kudreshov who worked on their work. And so it was.

Preparations for the conference were organized for the Movement Council. Since the steering committee is incomplete, it has not made a decision about who would have the right to vote, what should happen and to discuss at the meeting, who had the right to vote in the absence of the list of movers, how to deal with groups of movements in institutions, to which the guests are invited, and so on. There was a group that offered to expand, give voting rights to those who are sympathetic to the movement, who are interested in coming to the conference. Such a proposal was rejected because the non-public initiative group was elected and the power of the members of the movement itself, but later carried out, with the efforts of those who benefited.

Two months after the establishment of the "Sąjūdis" group, which moved to the site, new provocations were expected. During one meeting the jury asked to read a letter stating that the organizers of the initiative group, the director of the V. Volkus school, were in the wrong hands. It is proposed to eliminate such a carrier, to express distrust. Insight into the activities of infiltrated people, I contradicted the proposal without checking the letter, without interrupting the conversation with the cleaners, to prevent splitting up. By disrupting the real activists with emotional means that altered means that end with the poor perpetrators, I have also eliminated as contradictory with the decision to split.

I went with a wolf card to the Kedainiai Schuttersleger

The path to electing an electoral conference, in violation of democratic principles, has been opened up by the movement to hostile forces: the movement's governance was not only gathered by participants in the movement, but also by individuals who went to the KGB subdivision were sent. Kedainiai Sajudis entered the pit. The Council had not even elected the president. The prosecutor of the KGB department, Mr. Kudresov, who simply founded the movement, became the incredible leader. The elections for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR were held, granting the right to recruit candidates for the Sajudis councils. The Kedainiai Council Movement, which has the potential of trained mobilists, scholars, doctors, historians, did not nominate their own candidates, but approved the member of the TSKP resident in Jonava from 1967. The candidacy of Marijonas Visakavičius.

Kedainiai Sajudis did not stay in the pit long and became the leader of the patriotic forces again, and successfully went through the Baltic Road to the eleventh of March. He actively defended the start of the whip, the heart of the reborn state and parliament. The paving stone of Vilnius was hidden with the blood of the Kedainiai men. Two actors – Alvydas Kanapinskas and Vytautas Kancevičius were buried alive, 26 were wounded, most died, others wandered off, only one Petras Lapienis walked in Kedainiai streets with one kidney.

Eleven gathered Kedainiai, with the participation of the representative of Panevezys Sąjūdžio, released from the bottle gin, who led to the streets Kedainiai, dropped the heads of the makers of the initiative group and continued with the wonders of the twentieth century. Kedainiai Sajudis not only helped to bring freedom to people, but also to redraw the map of Eastern Europe.

On the occasion of the Sąjūdis decade, Mayor of the Kėdainiai district, Viktoras Muntianas, sung a national anthem about the house where the initiative group has established a memorial plaque.

"In this House in 1988, August 5 The Kedainiai Movement Initiative Group was established."

Housewife Janina had a big, big tear in her cheek.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sąjūdis, the Kedainiai received a special guest of honor – Professor Vytautas Landsbergis.

"Sajudis is like the first love – it is best to tell the best of what it survived – it was an extraordinary feeling – said the professor of the tribune – Lithuania demanded a real human-changing change in the system of lies and We demanded freedom to choose our own path and to REACH again.It was a moral revolution and now Lithuania is YES again, graduated from Professor V. Landsbergis.

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