Justin Jankevičius leaves the "Other Talk" chair at the age of 4 names

15min Berthol claimed that the divorce of their two with Justin does not mean the end of the project. Who will replace J.Jankevičius, M.Bertulis did not want to reveal anything yet.

"It will soon be possible to see what Justin will replace, but we will try to decouple the same master, let's experiment with ourselves," Berthulis said.

  Julius Kalinskas / 15 min. Photo / Justinas Jankevicius and Mantas Bertulis

Julius Kalinskas / 15 min photo / Justinas Jankevičius and Mantas Bertulis

Know that J.Jankevičius From now on the release is no longer underway, Berthul also published on the social network.

"Every story ends, unfortunately this is no exception

On Friday the last other conversations with Justin took place in Kražiai We spent more than four years together and I got a very serious and interesting novel.

When I first met JJ, I had lived for 20 years, and for milk like me, it was invaluable to get both the life and business lessons from this wolf, which hurt me. And for that I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

  Julius Kalinskas / 15 min. Picture by Justinas Jankevicius and Mantas Bertulis

Julius Kalinskas / 15 min photo. / Justinas Jankevicius and Mantas Bertulis

One of the most charming features is respect for collaboration for people, regardless of what happens, JJ will always run after the event to the film team and thanks to each other, only then will you go with the fans, thanksgiving and waiters or bartenders who worked during the event. , as Shar said, the secret of Žalgiris' success is the organization, from the cleaner to the president. It's just like that. Other conversations are a large team that consists of many people behind the frame. From directors to broadcasters. From Illuminati to sponsors. And she has never forgotten Justin.

We organized 64 events together. We had both great westerns and tragically bad westerns. We criticized and carried our hands. We discuss and we break the daggers. In short, we have experienced everything. Like all pairs.

Thanks to him, other conversations have grown to an unprecedented level. The popular Lithuanian internet broadcast, which averages 181.5 thousand.

Today, however, we are engaged in different ways ", – wrote Mrs. Berthulis about the feisbuke

VIDEO: J.Jankevičius and M.Bertulis – in the backstage of" other conversations ", 4 year old birthday and the best interview

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