Kaunas fountains: which of them are the best?

The summer is over, but the fountains in Kaunas will enjoy their hot tub for a month.

"Two new fountains will be launched in the city in August, but this year the most beautiful Kaunas fountain did not work, enjoying the passers-by of Laisvės alėja How far are there swirling fountains in Kaunas?" Asks reader Romualdas portal kauno .take.lt.

I wondered if the Kaunas people now know how many fountains there are in the city. I interviewed more than ten people – friends and acquaintances with fountains. Nobody knew it.

Currently there are six fountains in Kaunas, which are under the supervision of Kauno vandenys Company: in the Town Hall Square, in the Musical Theater Garden, in the Constituent Seimas Square, Chechnya Square, in the ponds of the Dainava and Kalniečiai parks. There are two fountains on Stadhuisplein, where water can be removed.

Earlier this season, the fountain was turned on at Constituent Sejm Square.

Fountain in the Constituent Sejm square

The oldest is the Foam or Cuckoo & # 39; s Staircase, which began to fade in 1926. The fountain on the square of the Seimas is 40 years old. But it is not popular, people are usually not here.

The Laisvės alėja fountain is best known for Kaunas people 36 years. The last one on the reconstruction of Laisvės avenue is currently not working. The most popular fountain of the population will only begin to cheer next year.

The Liberty Alley fountain is only operational next year

The oldest is the Foam or Cuckoo & # 39; s Staircase, which began to fade in 1926.

Because of the current work there is no fountain and the fountain at the foot of the Caucus alley. The fountain installed in the War Museum Museum is also disabled.

The fountain on Chechnya Square did not work on 29-30 August.

"He was temporarily disabled due to water pollution, unidentified people were getting into a washing water, so the fountain was being washed 31 August The fountain was restarted," said Vilius Burokas, Managing Director of Kauno Vandenys, the portal kauno.diena.lt.

Among the inhabitants of Kalniai, this fountain is very popular, there are always many people there. Especially the tufts of spray are pleased by the children who have been sprinkled under the fountain and torn into it.

In August two new fountains were launched in Kaunas – 19 days in Dainava Park, and a week later – in Kalniai Park. The Kaunas people liked them immediately, they are often photographed in the rays of water splashes.

Passersby to meet the fountain in the pond of Kalniai Park said that this fountain is now the best for them. "I do not know if all the fountains that are visible to me are working this year, I've probably seen everyone except at the Caucus staircase, and if the Laisvės fountain was a jerry, I would vote for him, but he left. so now I love the fountain in this pond, "said Ausra, who sat on the couch on our couch.

Her friend, Jolanta, also praised the city's newest fountain: "And for me it is the most beautiful".

Fountain of Chechnya & # 39; night

John, who was introduced to the pensioner, did not want to isolate a fountain. "It's nice for me to sit on the couch and enjoy the beautiful view, to hear the whirl of water I live in the street P. Lukšio, so I went to the fountain on Chechnya Square and now I came to the Kalniečiai fountain, which has just been released, and they both love me a lot, "said the man.

It is nice for me to sit on the couch and enjoy a beautiful view of the whine of the water.

There is also a large fountain in the clinics of the city of Kaunas. It does not belong to the municipality, but to the clinics of Kaunas. A small fontanel is also located on the street Statybininkų near the Kalniečiai service center "Mano Kauno".

Fonts are disabled at the end of September – early October.

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