Kaunas people worried: Vytautas Park will disappear?

On Monday, the Kauno portal reported that Vytautas Park, a favorite of the visitors, was in danger.

"Yesterday we learned from our employees that they were preparing to liquidate the park and demolishing the structures there.We were told that on September 30 – The last day we can come in. We are very sorry that these beloved places might be there not be, "said Eglė, a freak from the portal.

The woman said that this place spends a lot of time with her children because she cherishes nostalgia for her childhood.

"And I have my little parents here, I remember how I like to sleep.All my youth has come here", – reminds the interlocutor.

Photo by Laima Steponavičius

Egle believes that not only she, but also many famous mothers have become aware of their intentions to close this place.

"Full silence was due to the privatization of this park, and now – even worse, maybe you can find out why this is all happening?" – Kauno.diena.lt asked the lady.

It became clear what became the cause of the fear of the Kaunas people. It turns out that letters appeared in the carousel in Vytautas Park on Friday. They declare:

"Following the decision of Kaunas City Council in 2017, June 13 In accordance with the decision, we warn you that within one month of the date of submission of this notice you will receive an unapproved building (a facility) in the technical structures of the city ​​council of Kaunas must demolish (remove) and fall within the objectives of public protection and use protection the priority area of ​​cultural heritage – […] The complex of Vytautas Park Park of Kaunas Zaliakalnis 1st part. "

Photo by Laima Steponavičius

In consultation with Gintaras Petrauskas, director of the Kaunas Municipality Administration, he agreed to comment on this situation. We asked you if you are preparing to close the park and demolish the buildings.

"The municipality is preparing for the tracks and locations in the park for carousel handling operations, for which reason their owner is obliged to remove the carousels," – only such plans were listed by a representative of the municipality.

Asked whether new buildings are planned on the territory of the park, G. Petrauskas said no word: "So far we do not have such plans."

The intention is to start the management work in the park this autumn.

Contact with the portal with the owner of Vytautas Park Richard Šidlausk we have asked if he does not contradict the instructions of the municipality to postpone the old equipment. He said that was not the opposite. And does not only support the plans of the municipality to renew the infrastructure of the park.

"We will change everything together here", R. Šidlauskas explained enthusiastically and repeated that all this was only good for the park and reminded that Kaunas was recovering in various ways.

Asked when, in his opinion, the Kaunas population could enjoy the renovated park, R. Šidlauskas did not tend to devote himself to specific dates and, in general, turned the speech in a different direction. "They are now enjoying the park," said the speaker.

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