MG Baltic is startled by Kurliansky: if they give money, they are not a concern

On Monday, Raimondas Kurlianskis, the former vice president of the group, testified before the court. The official version was also presented by lawyers Eligijus Masiulis, MG Baltic, Liberal Movement and Labor Party.

At the last meeting last Tuesday it was officially clear that no accusatory accusations were acknowledged. Their versions have to be submitted to the court on Monday.

All defendants met in the Vilnius regional court, in addition to the above-mentioned persons, the deputy E. Masiulis Gintaras Steponavičius and his political companion Šarūnas Gustainis, former member of the Labor Party Vytautas Gapšys, came to court.

In this case, three legal entities are also accused – the Liberal Movement, the Labor Party and the MG Baltic issue.

Prosecutor Justas Laucius supports public accusations. The jury consists of Nijolė Žimkienė (chairman), Jurgita Kolyčienė and Ugnius Trumpulis.

Liberals did not know about support, workers leaving Gapšis alone

Raimundas Jurkas, a lawyer representing the Liberal Movement, explained that the party was about 9 thousand people. The euro was not known to the Institute for Applied Policy & # 39 ;, which was accused as a bribe in the indictment.

We remind you that there is a suspicion that Š. Gustain is suspected of accepting bribes as a sponsor of the aforementioned institute. R. Kurliansky is accused of having this support. Sat. Gustainis is suspected of having registered MG Baltic favorable changes to the Consumer Credit Act in the Sejm for bribes.

The lawyer also said that Š. Gustain may have provided support on its own initiative and stated that the party has no information that the examinator tried to influence when the amendment to the Consumer Credit Act in the Seimas was adopted.

R. Kurliansky himself, who reportedly had transferred the support to the abovementioned institute, also defended the accusations set out in the indictment.

He said that providing help is a normal activity, promoted even by law. All private and state-owned companies offer support. According to him, "MG Baltic" has provided support to more than one institution.

Support for the "Institute of Applied Politics", which is regarded as a bribe in the indictment, was motivated by a mere interest, which is not prohibited by law.

According to R. Kurliansky, liberal ideas have been promoted by the Institute for Applied Politics & # 39; acceptable to him both personally and as a company representative. "I liked their liberal ideas," said Kurlianskis.

He also said that his company had previously sponsored the "Institute for Applied Policy". The first case he mentioned was in 2010. At that time the company, under his leadership, gave 8,000 to the institute. euro support. He also mentioned several other cases where aid was granted up to 30 thousand. euro.

MG Baltic is startled by Kurliansky: if they give money, they are not a concern

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"The hints that support is associated with a member of the Seimas is not and could not be in the agreement", R. Kurlianskis categorically said. He said he did not know what would be presented and discussed in the Sejm in a few months.

As Kurlianskis said, he was not interested in specific issues of consumer credit, but in steps of the government in redistributing the market: the elimination of one industry and the spread of another.

The former vice president of MG Baltic explained that changes to the consumer credit law did not benefit the group.

Liberal lawyer L. Belevičius also explained that the party was not related to the actions of accused G. Steponavičius mentioned in the case.

PvdA lawyer Vaidotas Sviderskis, who spoke at the last meeting on Monday, said that former party member V. Gapšys did not act on behalf of the party because he was not given the right to represent the party.

For this reason, his actions, stated in the indictment, are not related to the employees, stated V. Svidersky.

MG Baltic denies contact with Kurliansky (updated at 14.06)

Speaking of the accusations against the group, MG Baltic lawyer L. Belevičius emphasized first of all that R. Kurlianskis never worked for MG Baltic, but was only one of six members of the council.

According to L. Belevičius, R. Kurlianskis did not have the right to represent the group and to defend his interests. For this reason, the lawyer said that the claim that the care was handled through Kurliansky was incorrect.

The lawyer who defended the group also said that the company did not benefit from the design rules mentioned in the case.

It is also negative that R. Kurliansky gave bribes to politicians to help them make certain decisions that would help the group. According to L. Belevičius, if R. Kurlianskis had given money, it would be his personal and non-MG-Baltic action.

MG Baltic is startled by Kurliansky: if they give money, they are not a concern

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Admittedly, journalists who met in court noticed that Kurlianskis was mentioned as a vice president of health care on the official website of MG Baltic. During a break with L. Belevičius, when the question was asked, the lawyer replied that we are speaking in a legal language before the court, and all the facts indicate that Kurlianskis was not legally a vice-president of the concern.

R. Kurliansky himself occupies the same position. At the beginning of the meeting, he explained that the accusation was wrongly said to be the vice president of MG Baltic. He never worked officially with the aforementioned group and did not receive his income.

For this reason he claimed that he could not represent MG Baltic. He stressed that the only link with the group was that he was a member of the board. "I was one in six," said the businessman.

Masiul said he was not trying to hit

The former leader of the liberal, who came on stage, E. Masiulis, said that his communication with business representatives was not a bad thing – politicians must communicate with all representatives of society, including businessmen and media managers.

He argued that the Liberal Movement had not received any support from MG Baltic by prohibiting the support of political parties.

MG Baltic is startled by Kurliansky: if they give money, they are not a concern

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E. Masiulis began to testify to the case of MG Baltic's interest in the Consumer Credit Act. He denied the allegations he made that politicians tried to influence the members of the Liberal Group in connection with the vote on this law in the Seimas.

Former commander of the Liberal Movement said he was not trying to influence the politicians of his colleagues. He argued that he did not even know that the amendments to this law could be of use to MG Baltic, because the care, to the best of his knowledge, is not related to the activities of this sector.

Soon after, E. Masiulis switched to another episode mentioned in the case – the monument to Jonas Basanavičius in the capital of the construction. It is suspected that MG Baltic wanted the monument patriarch to be erected outside the street Aušros Vartų, the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Konstantinas Sirvydas Square, at the French embassy.

When the care plan was to build houses in the Philharmonic Orchestra, it tried to influence the politicians to change the location of the monument. E. Masiulis was accused of helping the group influence his colleagues in the congregation to change the location of the monument.

E. Masiulis claimed in court that he had met representatives of MG Baltic and spoke about this issue. Moreover, he said that he understood that the concern prompted him to talk to the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimačius.

E. Masiulis, however, claimed that he was not trying to influence the church.

Masiul said he was the first

Soon the former liberal magician began talking about the TV program Alfa Week, which according to the case could only be welcomed positively for the TV guide MG Baltic.

I regard this accusation as an anti-constitutional violation of the citizen's right to freedom of expression.

Eligijus Masiulis

He said he was probably the first person to be charged only because he appeared on television. E. Masiulis explained that at that time he was familiar with political issues and that there was nothing wrong with participating in the TV program. As a result, he stated that "I consider this indictment as an anti-constitutional violation of the citizen's right to freedom of expression".

He denied the accusation that the television had invited him to thank the program.

Speaking of the alleged bribery of R. Kurlianskis, he once again mentioned previously published media information – he received 106,000 from MG Baltic vice president. a bribe of EUR 90,000 euro loan. This loan, by E. Masiulis, was meant to buy property in Palanga.

He explained that at the time of supper (before taking a loan) he told R. Kurliansky that E. Masiulis had already invested in real estate and asked the businessman if he could borrow money for further investments, if necessary.

After some time on call, Masiulis said he was taking this opportunity and taking out a loan.

Initially he took money back with himself and after some time he volunteered the STT officers, convinced that the money was legally received.

E. Masiulis also said that he did not understand why the money used during the search had not yet given him back. He explained that it was a huge absurdity that he would not even get 600 euros out of his money.

He asked if a long member of the Seimas in the wallet could not have 600 euros and said that this small amount & # 39; illustrated the absurd situation.

Money Kurliansky borrowed not only for Masiul but also for others

Kurliansky was suspected during a meeting with Antanas Guoga that it would not create and keep any new factions and go to the elections after the Liberal Movement, because the new faction could undermine the role of the Liberal Party in political life.

By delivering evidence, he denied these accusations. The meeting was held only on the day mentioned in the accusative act, because R. Kurlianskis the personal ties of Mr. Guoga was supported and interested in political life in Lithuania.

MG Baltic is startled by Kurliansky: if they give money, they are not a concern

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From the tribunal, the accused said that he really spoke during the conversation about the fact that A. Guoga would not create a new faction in the Sejm. Kurliansky said, however, that Mr. Guogu had not specified anything, but simply kindly advised and wanted to help.

The accused with E. Masiulis claimed to maintain a similar relationship, as with A. Guoga. During the meetings with the former Liberal Movement, Kurlianski & # 39; s talked about politics, business and, in some cases, about hobbies and family.

R. Kurlianskis suspected that E. Masiulis had given 106 thousand euro kickbacks.

Kurlianskis said, however, that he transferred 90 thousand to E. Masiulis. euros & # 39; s – as far as requested. It was a loan. According to the former vice president of MG Baltic, the money was not in the vodka box.

For a short break he told the reporters that the loan had been given in cash. When asked why this form was chosen, R. Kurliansky replied that he had grounds for not trusting commercial banks – he saw at least 20 commercial banks fall into his life.

Credit R. Kurliansky said he shared the first time – at least he noted a few other cases in which he even lent more money to legal persons and individuals.

No loan to E. Masiulis was signed by Mr. Kurliansky, who reportedly believed in his knowledge and sincerely believed that he would return the money to him in time.

I am convinced that I have not committed any crime.

R. Kurlianskis

He called the Masyul on the wire because it is normal

At the very beginning of the hearing, R. Kurliansky repeated that he did not understand the accusations mentioned in some indictments.

"I am convinced that I have not committed any crime," said Kurlianskis.

He continued his speech by saying that he was convinced that a business representative must communicate with politicians and that there is nothing wrong with that ignorance.

According to the indictment, E. Masiulis was spoken in the television program managed by MG Baltic, on the weekly Alfa. It is suspected that the show wanted to show politics positive, and R. Kurliansky himself presented the interviewer to journalist Tom Dapk.

R. Kurlianskis explained that the interviewer E. Masiulis was chosen because he spoke actively about the current problems and had a strong opinion. He said that it is normal for politicians to talk about political issues in a tune.

MG Baltic is startled by Kurliansky: if they give money, they are not a concern

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He said that this was done because of reviews – other members of the Seimas could be invited, but such personalities as E. Masiulis guarantee practically good reviews.

To prove that several discussion partners were invited to the Alfa Week TV program, R. Kurlianskis read a list of all invited interviewers. After completing his lecture, the businessman calculated that E. Masiulis only participated three times during the three years.

Other politicians, ministers, party presidents have participated more often in the show. He said that, for example, conservative Gabriel Landsbergis participated 7 times, Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius – 5 times, and so on. Full.

That is why Kurlianskis explained that the participation of E. Masiulis in the program was not at all independent of the context – the presidents of other major political parties even took part in the program even more often.

In the past, both the judges and the public prosecutor have been disrupted

The first time the college of judges chose the beginning of the summer. Opening meeting did not happen because one of the main suspects, Steponavicius, did not arrive. Next meeting the suspects requested that the court and the attorney general of Justice Justas Laucius, the State prosecutor, be removed.

The third meeting the suspect asked the case to be returned to the prosecutor's office, because the accusatory act was subjectively written. Sh Gustainis also asked him to reduce the level of pre-trial detention (the request was granted), Masiulis requested to stop arrest for confiscated money (the request was not met).

Fourth meeting, which took place after the summer holidays, finally the job interview marathon was completed and the process of assessing the events began.

At that time, the lawyer of E. Masiulis said that during the search the freedom of movement of a member of the Seimas could be violated, because officials did not allow him to travel to the direct work – the Seimas – where important meetings would take place.

During the same trial, Prosecutor J. Laucius presented the defendants with the charges. After reading the document, the official collection positions were asked: they agreed with the complaint or not.

I barely perceive the accusations I have made, they often go away with reality. I do not acknowledge the accusations in the indictment, but I agree to give a testimony.

Eligijus Masiulis

Some of the accused (R. Kurlianskis, E. Masiulis, V. Gapšys, S. Gustainis) said that they did not understand the accusations, while G. Steponavičius said that he understood what the charge was, but the episodes mentioned in the document, just like other "colleagues" did not agree.

There is a suspicion that R. Kurlianskis used bribes and otherwise bribed politicians for the benefit of the MG Baltic issue.

The complaint is that he gave bribes to former chairman of the Liberal Movement E. Masiulis (106 thousand euros), former party member Š. Gustavys (EUR 8 thousand) and former party chairman V. Gapšys (EUR 27 thousand).

Former deputy mayor E. Masiulis G. Steponavicius accused of abusive behavior without bribery.

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