Muscovy in love with Lithuania

Megapolis – in the province

– Are you from Moscow?

– Yes, I was born in Moscow, I grew up there, I studied, I spent most of my life. Now I have been living in Palanga for two years now. This is a beautiful city, especially for raising children.

– How did you end up here?

– I married a local Lithuanian. That's what I found. Now we are busy raising a two year old daughter who attends a Lithuanian kindergarten and speaks both languages.

– What was the first impression left by Palanga?

– I visited Palanga seven years ago. I liked it here. Clean, nice and hospitable, compared to Moscow. This is a comfortable place that is easily accessible. Here you can rest from the city of turmoil, breathe fresh air. Here are excellent conditions, sincere people. Even before the wedding I came here several times a year, not only in the summer, but also in the winter, relaxed by the sea.

– Do not go back to Moscow? Anyway, here is a great province compared to your native.

– I'm going to the guests. I think we will drive more often when our daughter gets older, we visit theaters, museums. I would like my girl to know everything that has been created in the cultures of the best of both Russians, Lithuanians and all other peoples. I try to educate her as a citizen of the world, as my own parents have raised me. I think that she will really feel the love of Lithuania, because it is a great country, friendly, with a great cultural heritage.

Lithuanians are hospitable and friendly

– It is said that Lithuanians are such nice people. What turned out to be local for you?

– You know, sometimes the so-called cold people are much more grateful than the supposedly sincere people who often do not place their thoughts where it is needed. During these two years there was no incident or an unpleasant reaction just because I am a Russian. Maybe because I look very positive in Lithuania.

– You speak perfectly in Lithuanian. How did you do it in two years, do you speak Lithuanian at home?

My goal is to learn Lithuanian better.

"We speak Russian the most often with our daughter – in both Russian and Lithuanian, with the parents of the husband and other family members, we only speak in Lithuanian, because they do not speak much Russian." My goal is to make Lithuanian better to learn, because I would like to attend Lithuanian craft lessons, beauty classes, seminars.

– Have you found something in common between Lithuanian and Russian languages?

– I notice that I have even read the philological thoughts that both languages ​​have common interfaces, I found similar words. I love Lithuanian because it is complicated, diverse, has many nuances and accents. The English language is precise and simple, where everything is clear and the Lithuanian language is often unpredictable. I really like it, so I want to learn it best.

Home – Logical lessons

– What do you do yourself?

– My work is related to people because I work in the field of beauty. I have been working with all sorts of people for over 15 years, I have also taught people to create their own style. So far I have no company, I work with a patent. I am glad that everything here is very civilized, there were no problems in combining formal matters. Now I make jewelry and accessories from different materials. By the way, I started to get interested in it from my seventh. This is my main activity. I organized my personal jewelry show.

– What is your profession?

– According to my education, I am an economist, a specialist in personnel development, and a nurse. And these two professions did not bother me. Besides, before I went to school, my parents brought me to the teacher's logic. And it was very useful, because I have now also evaluated every decision based on the formula – I want it and whether it is necessary. That's why I can now do what I like, that feels good and brings benefits for people. I am good at dividing my time and weighing your strength. I think it is very useful.

– Where do you want your daughter to live when he gets older?

– I will not try to break her rules. I was raised by my parents. Although my father was initially skeptical about my tendency to work in beads, when I heard that it helped me to socialize, to find new friends and new areas of activity where I can adjust my talents, he is pleasantly surprised.

Emigration is a temporary phenomenon

– You went from Moscow to Lithuania, Lithuania are constantly on the road to live in other parts of the world. What do you think about emigration?

– Similar things happen in Russia, but perhaps it is more internal emigration. People from other regions mainly come to Moscow, so the provinces also empty. But in recent years people began to gradually go back and find ways to realize themselves. I think that will be the same in Lithuania. Now, for now, the wave of people is leaving the country, but the time will come and they will return. Until now, young people choose the easiest way to go, work, earn and exist. Many people realize, however, that such a life leads to power and gives nothing to the inner world of man. If they understand this, they will gradually return to their homeland.

– According to you, is homeland still important to humans in these global times?

– I think it is not a specific place where you are born, but sometimes you go to the native birch. The attitude is influenced by the mentality and the importance of self-realization for a person. For example, I now have two home countries – Moscow and Lithuania. In Moscow I formed a personality, in Lithuania I have the opportunity to create, to feel completely. And there, and here I feel good, I feel necessary, my beloved, friends. Nowadays, the vast majority of emigrants go to every job and usually not to what they want, they really can not brag about what they do. They are waiting for holidays that they can spend on themselves, but they are not always free, they are not always welcome, they can not always go to the theater with their family and view the performance in their mother tongue. With their loved ones they can not spend time because they are ordinary and interesting because they live in a foreign country, often limited to household items.

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