N.West statement to the judge: contradicts the interrogation in the interrogation case and handcuffs names

According to a letter to E.Pavlovicius, principal investigator of Section III of the Council for Criminal Justice Crime, the letter to E.Pavlovic will be discussed in the Šiauliai Remand Prison on Friday 3 September at 3 pm, the question of imposing a preventive measure against N.West (Documents – Nigel Jeremy Macaulay).

"It means that the judge, the public prosecutor, is all moving to the insulator, even without a camera … We're all there, maybe we'll decide about imposing or not granting Nigel's precautionary measure. I have written both the researchers and the prosecutor to explain this decision to me, what is the new order that has been introduced here? "- Speak with 15 minutes was surprised by the assistant lawyer E. Pavlovicius.

According to him, such meetings should only be held in court. "I looked at the law and did not believe what I read in the letter – I thought: maybe I did not learn anything in my life or missed anything, but unfortunately I did not find anything … They introduce something new in Šiauliai I do not have such things heard, I do not know, on what basis, they thought that ", – said E. Pavlovicius.

N.Westo defender is convinced that this way The chief police station of Šiauliai County is a preliminary opinion, so-called "to whom it should be transferred, if so will sit. Whoever judges this House will decide that we will not go anywhere else. & # 39;

"I promise the decision How can this be done?" "We were already fighting when Nigel gave his testimony twice and did not even take his handcuffs down." Another gun on the head had to get stuck!

There is a convention on human rights, they can not do this, they can not be questioned by human hands. Everyone has the right to an impartial tribunal. And if they do not have a courtroom in this case, they have to find it to comply with the law, "- 15 minutes said E. Pavlovicius.

On Friday he made a statement to the judge in the preliminary investigation of the court of the district of Šiauliai of the court of Šiauliai, in which N.Westo, and in his own name, disagrees with the fact that the hearing on the sentence his defense will take place under prison conditions – in prison.

"Please consider the question of pre-trial detention in the court of Šiauliai, Šiauliai Palace, and to enable my defensive court to participate in unsolved handcuffs," writes E. Pavlovic, in a statement to the judge stating that his counsel is also a professional.

If the request had been granted and the meeting would still take place in court, Mr Pavlovic would not agree that Mr Westas would be locked up with handcuffs.

"In my opinion, in the opinion of the lawyer, such a reading is in violation of human rights, evidence of a preliminary opinion on the suspect in my opinion", – said E. Pavlovicius in the statement.

15 minutes Recalls that the alleged murder of Olialia puppies & # 39; S. Grafinina, suspected that the British N. West had been arrested on August 4. Prosecutors ask the court to arrest N.west for two months from the date of arrest – until 4 October. The court twice admitted that N. West was arrested for a week, and the last time for two.

On September 3, he must find out whether he remains behind the bars or is released.

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