Next week there will be both warm and fresh weather

The next week will bring a changeable weather – there will be very hot days and fresher weather and rain.

On Sunday, recently arrived in the country. Larger clouds are expected in the northern areas. At that time, in the south, the sun will appear more often in the air and it will be slightly warmer – 22-25 degrees, the chance of heat and rain will be lower here.

The next week will be changeable, said the synoptic Edita Gečaitė against LRT radio. The next night there will be no rain, the greatest probability remains in the northern areas. The temperature in the periods is 12-18 degrees Celsius. And on Monday there should be another heatwave to Lithuania – the temperature will rise in the same way as 25-28 days on Saturday, at around 23 degrees Celsius at sea. However, a synoptic prediction that rain would also prevent many areas, some of which might also be thunderstorms.

Also on Tuesday, umbrella's are needed – short rains are expected, places with thunderstorms. In the west, northwestern winds become brighter – 7-12 m / s. The temperature is & # 39; night at 13-18 and the day will be colder – 19-24 degrees of heat. However, it seems that the cooling will not last long, because on Wednesday the temperature will rise more – during the day to 20-25 degrees heat, and the night from Tuesday to Wednesday will be somewhere cool – only 8-13 degrees from heat, said the synoptic E. Gečaitė. In Žemaitija the night is the coldest – 8-9 degrees heat, about 15-16 degrees in the sea somewhere. Wednesday seems to be dry.

On Thursday afternoon the weather is probably higher in the northern, western regions, elsewhere – in the south, in the east – there should be no rain. & # 39; At night the temperature drops to 11-16, on the coast – up to 18 degrees of heat. The day will be warmer again – 22-27 degrees of heat. It can be expected that the most heat in the south by the sea will be about 20 degrees.

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