Paul Bulldogs Arsausk in the capital went straight into the wheel and his lawyer merged names

P.Aršauskas & # 39; s Lamborghini was suspended on Thursday at around 11pm. At the crossroads of soldiers and Žirmūnai streets.

It turned out that he does not have the right to commit this offense, with a fine of 450 to 700 euros.

"The lawyer's mistake Not the mine Driving license will be returned tomorrow Error to your database," – quoted the portal for apology from P.Aršauskas.

But this is not true, the luxury of bragging rights and the man who visits his personal life history has not told his fans that he lost his right to drive in July when he was stopped by hooligan riding.

His lawyer was able to appeal against the decision to deprive Arshavsk of a driving license within 20 days, so the document was not taken from a man.

But the lawyer felt in time and made a complaint three days late, when the verdict had already come into effect.

It brags itself for damage

This is not the only misconduct of Arsace, he publicly boasted that his Lamborghini is being built in a subordinate place or occupied by two parking spaces.

"I'll tell the public for the last time, why I install a car differently than everyone else … When you pay KASKO franchise for 5,000 euros in 3 months due to šūdarankių, who can not open the door, you will realize that it is better to pay a fine and support the state than insurance companies ", – P.Aršauskas published on the social network Facebook.

15min reader & # 39; s photo / 7 June & # 39; Evening in the

15min reader & # 39; s picture / 7 June & # 39; Evening in the "Acropolis" of Vilnius P.Aršauskas "Lamborgini" was left as follows.

Admittedly, this statement arose afterwards 15 minutes Announced the man's interest in building a car at a disabled location.

Initially Arsauskas explained that he had stretched his leg in a tennis training, so he built his own Lamborghini, but when it became clear that he did it regularly, he explained that he wanted to pay more fines than supporting insurance companies.

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