Prime Advisor – a claim from A. Landsbergiene school for false statements

Skirmantas Malinauskas, the prime minister's advisor, was more often than not seen by some members of the Seimas, because of his statements he received a warning – he was blamed for misleading statements from the Queen Mortas School led by Austėja Landsbergiene. The educational institution claimed a claim against Saulius Skvernelis curator.

The claim of a lawyer argues that the "non-reality information about the school" in the media should not be distributed in the future. Yes, "Queen Mortas School" responded to statements by S. Malinauskas at school and the profits of the institution.

"By deliberately disrupting information and comparing outdated and inaccurate data, the intention is to spread rumors and try to form an opinion that the company is unethical. We are a clear, responsible, young organization for the development of Lithuania. We are respectful and tolerant of the views of others, but we do not tolerate injustice and manipulation, "- says the website of the school.

The Queen Mortas School contests the following statements by S. Malinauskas:

  • In the preparation of the article, published on 16/08/2012, Sodra is used in 2017. In January and everything in 2017 data on the average compensation paid to employees of the Queen Mort School Ltd., although publicly available data from the later period, which completely deny claims that "on average, in 2017, Employees of the Queen Mort School UAB earned € 670.14 on paper or about € 510. As you can see from publicly available information, both www. and (see the accompanying documents) published even for the evaluation of all employees of the Queen Mortas Ltd. (ie including auxiliary staff, employees who do not full-time) salaries, their average in 2018. per employee is more than EUR 800 (gross) and they are considerably higher than the average salary paid to employees of comparable companies, so the article was chosen for comparison in 2017. January data available when it was available in 2018 June data show tendentious disruptions;
  • During the preparation of the article, not all publicly available data were analyzed, information was not sought or verified to provide relevant information and correct data to the reader. As mentioned above, it is already clear from the data available from the publicly available data of the current period that the average salary paid to employees is much higher than the amount stated in the article. It should also be emphasized that this number includes not only teachers but also all other employees. Meanwhile, the salary paid to teachers is not less than 1000 euros (gross), i.e. 2 times more than your average salary for teachers who have been paid to the country. However, it was not even attempted to compare the same things or to obtain data on the salaries of teachers of the UAB Queen Mortas School;
  • The article tends to disrupt the information by comparing data on the average salary paid to teachers in the country and comparing it with the average average salary paid by UAB "Queen Mortas School" to all employees (not only teachers) (on average, employees of the Queen Mortas UAB earned 670 in 2017). , € 14 on paper, or about $ 510 in hands. Yes, it is not just the salaries of teachers. <...> but the fact as a pancake – the average salary only in the private schools of G. Landsbergis run by family businesses in the big cities of Lithuania is exactly that. And another fact. 2017. In October, the Ministry of Education and Science announced that the average teacher's salary at that time in the country amounted to 520 euros in the "hands". Provincial teachers and teachers who work part-time are included in this average). Since you are a person with a long experience in journalism, you know very well that the comparison of unequal data (ie the average salary of the employees of the Queen Mortas Company and only the average salary of the teachers in public schools) is completely incompatible. is upset with reality and therefore the company reputation of the Queen Morta UAB;
  • Even more so the article contains statements that have a negative attitude towards the Queen Mortos School or UAB and the family of Austėja Landsbergienė, its leader, with words such as "clear duplicity". These subjective expressions are presented together with the tendency to distort information about the profits made by the Queen Mortas School of Insurance Ltd. the man of the manager can earn. Such unfounded claims are based on the aforementioned statements about the average salary paid by UAB Queen Mortas School in educational institutions, which is compared with the deliberate disruption of the above data. Attention is drawn to the fact that, in contrast to subjective expressions such as "clear bi-virility," data on average earnings, the Queen Mortos School of Ltd. and the manager's profits are already presented in the article as objective facts.

His premier claims were not considered by the Prime Minister and described it as a means of exerting pressure. On Wednesday, S. Malinauskas spoke on his Facebook account on Wednesday.

"It is said that I had to ask Austėja which salaries are in her schools and in Gabriel's schools, and not to follow the official records of Sodra. Serious? What would I have done if I had done this? Premier hinders the activities of a private company !!! And how was it done when I wrote some questions instead of answering questions that were blocked? Is there such a desire to communicate?

I have responded to seeing as direct pressure and revenge and even want to ignore how this order can be enforced. I did not write a bad word about the company, I congratulated a very lucrative business woman, I only spoke about politics and the party chairman, who is a public figure. I have explained all my words in numbers. In the future, I promise to do exactly the same, regardless of the subject.

I am under pressure, not only for the Queen Mortal School, but also for the story of the father-in-law of G.Landsberg, the father of A. Landsbergienė, who had a lot of comments. And all the other minor things that I have mentioned publicly – for example, his contacts with MG Baltic, which he tried to conceal, lied about the number of meetings, etc. Later he stepped out of the water, although the competitors of the same party were dropped off.

Prior to July 2017, S. Malinauskas worked as a consultant to S. Skverneli as a journalist. He advises the prime minister in the fight against corruption, relations with parliament and strategic communication.

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