Qualified KLASCO specialists grew KaunoDiena.lt

For the three of the three graduates, KLASCO & # 39; s head Vytautas Kaunas was fond of a long career in the company and thanked for his endurance for professional knowledge.

Laura Beniušytė and Karolina Bunikytė from the branch of KLASCO servisas acquired a Master's Degree in Logistics Management at Mykolas Riomeris University, while Vitalijus Šulzickys, terminal fitter for freight terminals, completed a professional bachelor course in port and shipping management at the Lithuanian high school for maritime science.

"From my family experience, I know how difficult it is to learn while working, as far as family support and personal effort is concerned, which is why I am hugely respected by people who, because of the future and job prospects, are concentrating their will and striving for a higher goal. "said V. Kaunas with congratulations to this year's graduates.

The new specialists were congratulated by the colleagues and department heads, because the young generation of professionals ensures business continuity.

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