R. Karbauskis: my proposal for conservatives – select other teachers and other methods

In public networks, Ramūnas Karbauskis, leader of the green farmers, distributed a report "Unlike the conservatives, we do not mention the other" KGB "," Fascists "," Russian agents "," beetles "or" Vatniks "

"Conservatives L. Kasčiūnas and A. Ažubalis, even without having heard what constitutes a serious threat to President D. Grybauskaitė, according to V. Landsbergis, has submitted a proposal in the Sejm for the recognition of the Lithuanian Communist Party as a criminal offense. Professor V. Landsbergis, who in political affairs would have the greatest influence on President's policy, as usual in the situations of endangered conservatives and their carers, even accused of working with KGB methods.

"This is completely in accordance with the old methods of the KGB – to impose on the enemy the problem that they would abuse but not to see what is really going on, where are the main dangers," said V. Landsbergis in the assessment of the project by L. Kasciun and A. Ažubalis.

While observing this conservative internal drama, it seems to me that some politicians are the biggest problem that saw no two members of the conservative faction of the Sejm, lower than the conservative faction in the Sejm, it is not political corruption that was committed during the Soviet occupation, but for decades delayed the progress of the restored Lithuanian state and not many other factors that led to massive emigration, low incomes and high crime. It seems that the politicians mentioned by V. Landsbergis did not understand that the most important and to this day one of the most serious problems has been the problem of the elite parties of the country and their surrounding interests that their own affairs with their own methods have been arranged – the election was won by "not that"!

V. Landsbergis & # 39; s remarks reminded me that the first audience that showed that not "the winners" won the Seimas, he was the President of the Republic of Lithuania. Apparently it was no coincidence that after the parliamentary elections the first representatives of the party that won the elections were invited to the presidency, and G. Landsbergis. Who could deny that the meeting spoke about the need to "suffer" until the new government is ruined? Perhaps that was why it was so brave about the first potatoes, the use of other haughty policies and methods that harbor the right rhetoric?

Conservatives who supposedly had to "win" and publicly preached with the enormous support of the president, however, had more surprises that devastated their plans. The public discovered that the leader of the Conservative Party met several times with the representatives of the private company MG Baltic and finally presented the party's election program in 2016 to the company in the luxury restaurant "the party". Public testimonies were heard that conservatives, along with liberals, served the interests of private business groups for years. We also learned about the President's correspondence with E. Masiulis, whose leader was victorious in the Sejm elections (the message confirms this).

Looking back today, I can only guess and I would probably be right if the situation had happened if the elections were successful. "". I do not think that the level of political corruption, or the mentioned letters, would not be known to the public. For example, it seems that slander, the silencing of facts, the creation of imaginative and façade reality are KGB-like methods used by conservatives to hide their true works and goals from society
It is very good that the professor has finally called those methods courageous.

The members of the LSSR, who came to the Seimas to be seriously prepared and prepared for constructive discussions, wonder how all these years after the elections, according to the same methods as described by V. Landsbergis, conservatives work – they let them spot themselves with the meeting room (often it is bullying), which creates problems where they are not (such as the recent story about so-called closed lists of hospitals, which actually does not exist), tries to bind society. TS-LKD offers no constructive solutions, but wants to dedicate itself to endless barns that do not lead, but guarantee.

Consumers want to impose non-existent problems, do not deliver constructive projects and their vision is not only noticed by us in the Sejm. This is already mentioned by the political observers who observe the situation.

However, by returning to various accusations, today I have a proposal for conservatives, especially the often distrustful R. Juknevičienė, A. Kubilius, G. Landsbergis. You are constantly calling me the Kremlin Project & # 39 ;, & # 39; the Russian agent & # 39 ;, who describes the leader of the Sejm group as & # 39; fascist & # 39 ;, & # 39; KGB & # 39 ;, and so on. Perhaps it would be easier for everyone if you provide evidence to support such statements? By the way, A. Kubilius clearly acknowledged in court a few years ago that he had no data that my supposedly existing & # 39; Pro-Russians & # 39; confirm. The Seimas member did not want to answer the lawyer's question specifically and clearly, she said, but in the end she answered – "I do not have such data". Admittedly, A. Kubilius avoided the allegations of defamatory content, because the courts are of the opinion that the limits of the criticism between politicians are much broader, they can be hyperbolic, but somewhat wrong. So the conservatives continue to use a single method in KGB style on a wide scale – unpunished slander.

So my suggestion for conservatives is to select other teachers and other methods. There is a lot of constructive political debate, motivated proposals, mutual respect for the well-being of our people in Lithuania.

Do not be afraid to take responsibility for the mistakes made. For example, the leader of the TS-LKD, Mr Landsberg, does not have to hide from the people in the party before the elections. It is clear that TS-LKD, like the LSU, employs about 15 people, including politicians, before the elections. Only, unlike the LSSR, TS-LKD did this in a longer period, starting in 2015. the end. No doubt all of these employees worked before the elections and their labor costs, even before the start of the election campaign, according to CEC's statements, should be considered as election campaign spending. TS-LKD does not, as far as I understand, disclose the names of these employees, as a result of which the decision-making of the CEC is delayed, because the image seems spectacular and unfavorable to the conservatives. You say that informing the CEC and asking people about your work is a revenge for you. No, it is not revenge, it is just a request that the conditions are the same for everyone.

So be good, learn not from the KGB, but from examples of Western democracy, then we will talk more easily and understand each other better, "writes R. Karbauskis.

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