Scandal in the Council of Vilnius: the conservative scam was caught

The liberals who rule the Vilnius conservatory Vidui Urbonavicius are arrested on behalf of Arvydas Sekmokas, a voter's colleague.

The Liberal Group released a report on Friday that there are currently signatures for the removal of V. Urbonavičius from the city council for the offense, which was also recorded on video camera 's during the board meeting this week.

V. Urbonavicius himself does not deny the offense and says that he has acted "fiercely", but he believes that the mayor, after he has noticed his mistake, has voted again, so the real voice was not given to the voice at that time. was left in the room.

"I was shocked to do this, in years of politics, it would be necessary to abandon such action, and as far as the liberals are concerned, let them answer for themselves whether they are doing everything right. the mayor saw it, I looked at him doubtfully, or agreed that I did, but R. Shimašius released the vote again and it had no effect on the vote, "assured V. Urbonavičius.

A. Sekmokas, a colleague of the Lithuanian Christian Democrats' Party (TS-LKD), V. Urbonavičius agreed to discuss recommendations regarding the appointment of members of the supervisory board of companies controlled by the Vilnius Municipality .

To start the cancellation procedure, the entry must be based on at least a third, i.e. y. no less than 17 council members of 51. The promoters sign the invitations for everyone – and the ruling coalition and opposition members of the Vilnius City Council.

Vincas Jurgutis, the deputy chairman of the Liberal Movement, is of the opinion that detention proceedings are being prosecuted, because this is a very serious violation of the law.

"Conservative Vidas Urbonavičius is not the first to be shameful in behavior, so politicians with such low political morality are not the seat of the capital in our opinion," said V. Jurgutis.

He recalled the findings of a survey carried out last year by a municipal control that the location of the son of V. Urbonavičius in the crèche kindergarten "Žirniukas" in Vilnius was appointed in violation of the procedure of the city council and the requirements of the Lithuanian hygiene standards. It is true that the ethics committee has not established that politicians could act as administrative staff in kindergarten by awarding a seat to their child.

"It was clear at the time that political morality was not important for this politician, but until now he managed to get away, the situation is repeated, fraud during the vote can not be compatible with the activities of any politician. rest assured that it is only a matter of time that V. Urbonavičius will be removed from the Vilnius city council, "said V. Jurgutis.

According to liberals, the appeal is signed by some of them, and by coalition partners of the campaign of Lithuanian Poles – representatives of the Christian Family Association and Social Democrats.

TS-LKD Group V. Urbonavičius has delegated the function of chairman of the Audit Committee to the opposition. Previously, this conservative party represented the municipal anti-corruption committee.

According to the law, if the city council decides the majority of the votes that the member of the council would have violated the law and violated the oath, the conclusion of the highest administrative court of Lithuania is requested. After it has been decided that politicians have not violated the oath, the procedure of deposition ends. If the court comes to the conclusion that a member of the municipal council has taken the oath or has not exercised the powers assigned to him, the municipal council cancels its mandate with a three fifth majority of the members of the municipal council.

A. Sekmokas did not know anything

At that time A. Sekmokas himself said, on behalf of the vote on his behalf, to speak more about the situation, that he knew nothing and did not agree with V. Urbonavicius.

"I did not know anything, I left the hall and asked me to meet each other, and the vote took place without my knowledge," said A. Sekmokas, the portal.

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