Shock in Vilnius – one of the most famous dogs in Europe has been spotted with rat poison

In Lithuania the pace of the problem is a painful problem: more and more domestic poisons are being poisoned. A month ago, there were even four dogs that were on medication that were added to the old postcard. This time the big record holder, Swede, got the nickname of the rat poison, whose master coach was Dominykas Rukšėnas.

The scary loss shocked the life of the coach Dominykas Rukšėnas. Yesterday a puppy of pet dolls was nicknamed "Rat Poison".

"Yesterday I lost my son, the best friend, companion who always liked to be sad at the same time as it was bad, but not like people, he always was, always the next, there is another night when I not sleep and I can not stop crying, although it is not very masculine and you know what happened, "says the coach in his account.

The rat poison killed

The poison for the rats – this is the animal of the beloved D. Rukšėas.

"I saw all his pain, his breathing stopped, my heart stopped in my hands, paralyzed the muscles relaxed, the blood flowed from everywhere and I covered his eyes My champion died in my stomach, but like a rat I can not tell what I did to those who initiated it, I will not say, you do not want it, "- D. Rukšėnas picked up sensitive words.

According to the man, Maks was not just a dog for him. As D. Rukšėnas himself recalls, he was a devoted, modest, thoughtful, sensible, great dog.

"These almond eyes all spoke, it was not difficult to understand, the children escaped from their parents and wound their hands in his mouth with his teeth, waved his ears, and he just smiled at them, saw his tail, and rejoiced. Parents watched with a scapegoat and did not understand how, as it is possible, there is a rotveiler here, an aggressive dog.No devil We are aggressive, & # 39; said the man.

Enjoy a broad smile

D. Rukšėnas remembers that Max knew and loved everyone. Everyone wanted to feed him. During the difficult moments, however, the trainer tries to keep his thoughts and believes that his pet is now in a place where no one is hurt.

"There are only his friends and he, they play there, hunt in the open grasslands, and they do not have to serve us to execute orders and protect us from our own dangers and problems." It was a dog who took the attitude toward changed from "aggressive" races, changed attitude toward fear of dogs, changed attitudes to established rules, and did not say that people change, heal and assist them. By their presence, by their access, by their untargeted love, by their attachment to his legs, his broad, wide smile, his interest in everything, he loved everything without crying, he was astonished by his achievements, stunned by his love, he was enslaved with sincerity, "man shares with sensitive memories.

D. Rukšėnas says he is absolutely grateful to the vet for all advice, treatments and vaccinations.

"We live in a state where it is unacceptable that a dog denounces them, or they are happy, and in a barbarous way they try to shut them down, even if they are taken away from their hosts and are housed. where children are born and as much as possible to receive allowances and alcoholic parents can pay the money.

We live in a country where it is legal to buy poison, and it is the norm to mix them with food, because the cats are left behind by their own destiny and the dogs will eat and pick them up when they are naked, because the shelters are overcrowded. Young volunteers, relatives of abandoned and abandoned volunteers are going to volunteer. We live in a country where "Lithuania for Lithuanians" is a norm and from which everyone leaves, now not just young people.

Kill people the norm of what to say about animals. It turns out that it is not necessary for the dog to bite, no. They must prevent a puppy in the meadow from taking the poisoned food in his mouth and ending. Brush your dog's shoulders and make him as big as possible. Because we can do what we want. Shoot the dogs, drop them, take them to the hiding place to rent, "the coach writes in his account.

Not the first case recalls that this is not the first case of dog poisoning. Readers contacted the news portal a month ago, revealing a shocking human behavior for humans. The message was that animals in the old city were simply killed without any regret.

"Yesterday at 11 pm I received a phone call from my son, Mindaugas, which said that his Chilean dog is in critical condition and dies, and we immediately brought the puppy to the veterinary clinic of the larger giraffe." When he drove three times, Chile suffered serious assault attacks, a foam from the mouth of the mouth, she screamed out, the mask disappeared, she got hurt and stagnated regularly, and when they arrived at the clinic, the clinic started to resuscitate immediately and very professionally.

After three hours of intense recovery, the situation has managed to stabilize, but it is not yet clear exactly how Chile will come out of anesthesia.

Will the attacks not be repeated, it is not clear if the body is too much damaged. During this time, the neighbor's son called the same fast giraffe clinic that her Staffordshire Terrier Mulie had the same symptoms.

Although he was unfortunately also brought to the clinic, he could no longer save his life. My youngest son, at that time, walked around in the garden where both pets were driven and found these "tasty" pieces of poison poisoned tablets.

We warn everyone that if your animals get angry (they will get an attack), contact veterinarians immediately, because time is essential for your pets. Leave behind unmarried children too ", – the woman says in a sent letter A similar request for help spreads via the internet: people share requests for help and encourage each other to share this message.

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