Since September, young families can apply for a subsidy for the first homes in the region & # 39; s

From 1 September, the law on financial incentives for young families in the first age comes into force, allowing young families to receive a subsidy to pay part of the first family credit or to cover the first premium.

A new family can submit an application to the Family Information System (SPIS) for social support

You can apply for a financial premium from 2018 for young families buying the first home. September 1 Send a registered letter to the municipality where you want to buy a house or submit it directly to the municipality during the work.

Younger families without a spouse or single parent parenthood are younger than 35 years. Young family members should indicate their place of residence in Lithuania or to include persons who have not indicated their place of residence.

A financial incentive is given to young families to buy or build their first home. The amount of the mortgage loan used to calculate the subsidy for a young family may not exceed 87,000 euros. Up to 15% can be allocated for the acquisition of a plot where a young family is planning to build a house. loan amount.

Young families receive the following subsidies:

non-productive children – 15%;

raising 1 child – 20%;

Raising 2 children – 25%;

3 and more children upbringing – 30%.

If you have more children, you can apply for additional subsidy. During the reference period, young family members can not be older than 35 years, unless the family has a third or more children, and then family members must not be older than 40 years.

If a young family with two children, for example 25%, the subsidy for a third child increases the subsidy to 30%, which is a further 5%. subsidy.

A young family that receives a subsidy can not fully dispose of the acquired property: if it wants to transfer this house to another within the first 10 years, the subsidy must be returned to the state budget.

A family that receives a subsidy and receives 3 or more children after 5 years after the acquisition of the house, can however transfer the property to another person if they want to buy more houses in the same municipality. In this case, they do not have to repay the subsidies.

Young families must submit the following documents when applying for a financial incentive:

· Declaration of family ownership for the calendar year (if not electronically declared).

· The decision of the court to adopt the child or the decision whereby the child receives permanent care (care).

· A document confirming the representation (if the application is submitted by an authorized representative of a young family).

· If the houses that have family law are not eligible to live, the conclusion must be submitted by the institution that carried out the expert's survey. When reconstructing the property of the owner, the designer must conclude that the properties owned by the property right are not eligible to live.

It is possible that the family does not provide all necessary documents or that errors occur in the documents. In this case, the municipal officials will inform the family in writing within 5 working days and indicate what is missing or which mistakes must be addressed. It takes 20 working days to submit the required documents or to remove any errors. But the date of submission of the documents is considered the day when the young family will submit the missing documents or eliminate the errors.

Applications for the municipal administration are processed in accordance with the order of their filing date. A decision about whether or not to take a financial incentive is taken within 10 working days after receipt of all required documents.

The whole situation will be informed by the young family in a way that will be indicated in the application.

When a positive decision is taken to grant a subsidy, the young family must contact the credit institution (bank or credit union) with the received certificate and enter into a mortgage agreement within two months.

The young family of the creditor must also provide a statement from the Registrar's Office that the young family does not have family ties with the person from whom they buy the property. Family members are recognized as hetero parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, as well as brothers and sisters.

If this is done in a way that the subsidy application is not met because all funds allocated in that year have been used in that year, the family will be included in the list for receiving the financial incentive in the next calendar year. In that case, the young family must update their application data no later than January 15 of the following year. Without updating the data, the family can be excluded from the list of young families waiting for a financial incentive.

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