Sodra warns against fraudsters: it can bump into your door

When the pensions were recalculated, Sodra also got disturbing knowledge of the population. Some older residents would have received "guests" from the Sodra and asked to submit documents or data that seemed necessary for the recalculation of pensions.

We inform that Sodra specialists do not go to the residents' homes, do not provide services at home and do not request information. All data needed for the recalculation of old age pensions are available in Sodra's databases.

Staff from the Lithuanian post can bring a registered letter with the Sodra & # 39; logo home about the converted old age pension.

Many pensions, as well as overdue payments for the first months of this year, are deposited into a bank account. Only if the pension is paid to the house, the same employee will receive it after the conversion, as it was until now.

If you have received guests who submit to Sodra employees and offer services, request documents or data, you must immediately inform the police officers.

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