Son of a former mayor of Šilutė crashed in a car accident: in the Silute district of BMW

On Sunday morning an accident was reported in the village of Inkakli. According to preliminary data, BMW could not overcome the bend at high speed and hit the side of the bow at the side of the road.

The attempt to stop is of course proven late by the wheel slips. After the collision the car remained on the sidewalk. Fortunately, people did not leave in those days, the driver did not race against it.

From a BMW, the man and the woman came out at the front. They were saved by activated safety cushions. It turned out that they are the son and martyr of Virgilijus Pozingis, a former mayor of Šilutė, currently deputy director of the Šilutė District Municipality.

Photo by Aurelija Kripaitės / / Mayor of the district of Šilutė Virgilijus Pozingis

Photo by Aurelija Kripaitės / / Mayor of the district of Šilutė Virgilijus Pozingis

Another passenger was also in the back seat. His condition is, according to preliminary data, difficult. All three visitors to the traffic have arrived in a health center.

The police understand who drove a car – son of Pozingius or March. According to the witnesses, the smell of alcohol could spread from the participants in the traffic accident. Instead of an alocotocer, an attempt was made to test the dangers of individuals, but this did not work because of their health status. Blood tests were performed in the hospital by attending a traffic accident.

15 minutes said Mr. Pozing acknowledged that his son Justas (the deputy director of administration had two sons – aut.) and marched on Sunday morning in an accident. According to him, BMW, who belongs to the family of the son, drove in March during a traffic accident.

"I do not know exactly what happened, just meet me, bye but The son's condition is normal and something is going on in March The son is apparently already released from the treatment facility I come back and find out everything , "- 15 minutes V. Pozing said.

He had no knowledge of another injured passenger. I believe this is the first such accident in March.

When asked whether a traffic accident was not possible due to alcohol abuse, Mr Pozing suggested asking the same participants in the accident. He does not know that

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