The company Vilnius will have to destroy the counterfeit sweets "Masha and the Beer" company

The Vilnius regional court denounced Animaccord's claim this week and admitted that Saldainis imported goods into Lithuania and violated the rights to Masha's trademarks and the bear. The company Vilnius is banned in the future without the permission of the Russian company to use the products of these brands.

"Like the Masha and Masha and the Bear, which are held by the territorial community of Vilnius, are marked with identical or misleading similarities with the trademarks of Animaccord of the international and European Union, and therefore have a great opportunity to inform the public. deceive (…), the Court of Appeal Saldainis "forbids in the future to manufacture, sell, market, import, export, store and use products marked with the indicated brands", – it is written in the court's judgment.

The Saldainis company was also obliged to destroy customs warehouses, chewing gum and chewing gum last November and to cover the associated costs.

According to the case, border guards have stopped almost 1.3 thousand. boxes with nearly 720 thousand. pieces of Masha or Masha and the Bear candy, chewing gum and chewing gum. They were imported from China and Turkey into Lithuania.

The court pointed out that the sweet imported in Lithuania violated the rights of the Russian company to the brands, agreed not to distribute them in the future without the permission of Animaccord, and that the goods received by the customs officers at their own expense were detained, destroyed.

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