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After a flash of criticism, the situation has changed in the athletics arena of Taikos prospect 61A (older sports enthusiasts are better known as NSK gyms) without stretching for at least one bike. The standard, which can be linked to even three metal horses, is already there.

The cyclists protect returnees and civil servants with a long track record.

Cocktail questions

Is there a standard for delivery of the raft? If so, is it modest or luxurious? Is the tire pierced?

The holders were insured by others

& # 39; The cocktail & # 39; remarked that the whole city was ironic about cycling. The caretakers installed non-sporting objects at their doors – cafes, bartenders.

Notify doctors

Cycling is not recommended for patients with thrombophlebitis, enlargement of veins (varicose veins), if they have pain in the spine, waist or neck. Because the pedals are not always relaxed while a part of the work is static.

Lack of culture

The famous cyclist Thomas, who spent ten years in Belgium, said that in that country a bicycle was like a holy cow in India or a sailing ship at sea.

"Drivers in Lithuania are impatient and want to intimidate cyclists: they cling to the sidewalk and therefore fall frequently." It is not only necessary to increase the culture of the cyclist, but also to change the attitude of the drivers. "Although this takes time, it is already clear that the situation is changing. The more people cycle, the safer it is to drive it," says Klaipėda.

Although there are apples

If you eat an apple, break off the seeds. One apple seed contains a daily iodine temperature, which inhibits hunger.

Replace the opinion

Bees are more dangerous than snakes. More allergic reactions caused by bee stings cause more deaths than snake bites per year.

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