The effect of a game of cybercrime – another 2.4 million in the hospitality sector. EUR

The State Inspectorate (STI) announces that in the first seven months of the game, in addition to the budget declared in the hotel and catering sector, about $ 2.4 million was declared in the country's budget, taking into account the total VAT growth in the country. country and compared with the same period last year. EUR VAT.

One of the winners of the last weekly winner of the Kvit-game prize, a retired from Vilnius, received a welcome voucher for an amount of 6 euros in a café.

According to the STI, winners of 370 weekly and 8 monthly prizes are announced in the receipts, with the highest receipts for catering services.

Winner of the winner of the game p. Vida said that from the beginning he started to register coupons in the game, usually with dinner or dinner in the city. Although the problems of receiving a receipt for the catering services purchased were rarely encountered, the woman claimed that she had withheld a few cases when the receipt was due, and in a restaurant in Kaunas such an application caused the anger of the staff of the restaurant.

"With the advent of the game, we see that the residents are willing to register for receipts of catering services – we already have a large amount of revenue from this sector, and 200 Eur and 5,000 Eur prices have been brought to the lucky holders of the vouchers This year the public catering sector is one of the priority areas for the national tax inspection and it can be assumed that the observed effect of the game of cvits is indicated by the increasing awareness of the population and the desire to contribute to reducing the scale of the shadow economy of the country, "said Rolandas Puncevičius, project manager of the VMI Kvitai game project.

Another service sector will also be appreciated

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"Next year we will also be able to assess the impact this year on the VMI Kvit game on the market trade.As most market vendors are independent small entrepreneurs, the statements on the income of the population for 2018 will only be provided in 2019. in spring – then we will be able to compare the changes and trends of this and last year ", – says the representative of the national tax inspection.

At the moment we are happy to provide income for services we provided last week to companies operating in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, as well as catering services. In the restaurant in Vilnius a receipt was received by a person who ordered soup and a portion of potato pancakes for a total of 5 euros, in Kaunas town a coupon was paid after two hours. long billiard game and soft drink, for almost 15.5 euros. A daily lunch worth about 3 euros was paid to the resident in Klaipeda. One of the lucky receipts on the market was issued at a market place in Vilnius, where a flower bouquet purchased for 6 Eur was obtained from a person who carries out an individual activity according to the certificate.

Only the receipts from the checkout can be registered in the VMI game. At the bottom of this voucher is a fiscal logo consisting of a combination of three letters "LTF".

At the start of the lottery it is predicted that it will receive approximately 13% more cash receipts, while only in the catering industry, an additional 7 million. Eur income

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