The head of the & # 39; Kedainiai waters & # 39; is removed from office due to the scandal of pollution

Kėdainiai. /

Kėdainiai. / Wikimedia Commons photo

The operator of the Kedainiai water treatment plant can not properly clean up the wastewater that Nevėžis receives and manage the situation.

Without waiting for him to be released, Kestutis Vaitkevičius himself asked for a resignation – the following week TV3 News reported his next week at work.

Due to the pollution of the Nevėžis River, the municipality of Kėdainiai recently announced a community emergency, although threats threatened the problem in August.

The BNS wrote this week that Minister of the Environment Kestutis Navickas complained during the Kedainiai meeting in the Sejm that the company had to inform the municipality more quickly that the situation no longer existed.

Ovidijus Kačiulis, Director of Kėdainiai Municipality, said the situation in Kedainiai is already under control. He also announced that a project for the reconstruction of the water treatment plant Kėdainiai was being prepared, but stressed that the municipality does not have enough money.

According to K. Navickas, the Ministry has already earmarked the funds of the European Union (EU) for the reconstruction of the Kėdainiai treatment facilities, but according to him, the municipality has "neither greed nor opportunity because its loan limits are exhausted, they are being reconstructed."

Kedainiai treatment facilities were previously reconstructed using EU support funds.

The prosecutor of the Kaunas district has started a preliminary investigation into violations of the rules for the use of natural resources.

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