The legends of the sunken villages sparkled in Sammy

Lithuanian Atlantis – villages and residences sunk at the bottom of the Black Sea coast – every year in the traditional "Feet at the bottom of the lagoon" recalls the history of its population. This year's event began with songs and legends about villages overflowed 59 years ago. The former inhabitants of the Gulf, their descendants and all those interested in mythological stories and cultural heritage have shared stories and memories. The feast of the Gulf's foot unveiled unidentified legends accompanied by a fire of mystery and a concert by popular artists.

The history of the illuminated villages of Kaunas is awakened by its origins and legends. Six decades ago a Kaunas hydroelectric power station was built and 35 villages and 721 houses were built from the Nemunas valley. Since then people's lives have changed, but there are traces, stories, stories and customs of the Nemunas Valley that shared the inhabitants of the flooded villages the last Saturday of August.

Samyliai Culture Center, who is interested in this story, was summoned to the coast of Kaunas Bay at the foot of the Gulf of Lakes.

This year the organizers introduced the legends of the Bari, which have not yet been heard, and the Samyls community created several legendary figures from the bay, which was brought to the bottom of the lagoon by the main character of the festival, Milius.

"The first time I went to this event, and every year the festival made me even more amazed, I am very happy that there are fewer and less frequent neighbors in such events – this brings the community closer together, and the story of the sunken villages, which have been buried for more than 50 years, actually live, "said the patron saint of the festival, mayor of Kaunas District Valerijus Makūnas.

Late Saturday is no scary guest or organizers. The battalion orchestra "Algupys", the Raudondvaris youth dance group "Windmill", called the singers together to dance and sing together. Laura Remeikiene with the group "Chameleon", as well as the charismatic Violeta and Vilius Tarasovai, contributed to the story of legends. The evening was crowned by the spectacular fire of the mysterious "Interno".

The audience gathered in various educational workshops, where they could produce a legendary character, visit the beauty treatments of Laumys, enjoy a phototyledon and enjoyed the delicious Ei van de Cockerel.

This year participants in the "100 First Generation" International Camp "Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022" participated in the legend "Foot of the Gulf". This event was the last event of the Yard Festival, which started at the end of May and lasted all summer.

Director of the Samilų Cultural Center Jolanta Sidabrienė is pleased that the "Foot of the Gulf" has become a sign of the distinction of this region. The project presents a variety of activities, events, exhibitions and books throughout the year.

The organizers try every year to get a new story out of the depths of the water. The efforts of cultural workers, the Kaunas Lions Regional Park and the local community to revive the villages Šiauliai and Sielininkai during the previous festivities, and a fun wedding from the bottom of the lagoon was fired.

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