The Lithuanian court of appeal releases the Assam again

Today Mindaugas Mažeika, because of his unforeseeable character, called Ass, complained to the lawyer about his arrest by the Lithuanian Court of Appeals and closed her mind again for all attempts by Kaunas law enforcement authorities to consider this person who became their headache, isolated. of society.

As the portal informed Vilma Budėnien, assistant to the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court, the panel of judges Aloyzas Kruopis, Jolanta Čepukėnienė and Viktoras Kači found that the regional court of Kaunas, after having M. Mazeikis the strictest prison measure, the law applied error. The Code of Criminal Procedure does not provide for the simultaneous application of the strictest requirement for the same person, as well as in softer regulations. And when Mr. Maziika was arrested, there were still 20,000 left. The euro, for which, as written, he was released.

For this reason, the arrest of M. Mazeikis was replaced by a softer, more conservative care, i.e. y. electronic tracking (bypass).

According to a representative of the Court of Appeal, the fact that M. Mazeika has included a serious oncological condition in the list of serious and non-curable diseases (phase IV) is also taken into account when adopting such a decision. And her treatment, as the expert says, can not be given to a prison in a hospital, so that he is not adequately insured for health care by means of arrest.

Moreover, according to this decision-making panel of judges who not only shocked a lazy woman, although the data on new violations and crimes committed by M. Mažeikis characterize them, they do not rank their dangers as crimes.

This judgment of the Court of Appeal of Lithuania is final and is not being considered.

Mme Mazeika was arrested eight times on July 19 by arresting a case before the Kaunas Regional Court, where she is charged in March 2016, under the influence of psychotropic drugs, narcotics and alcohol, after having twice unidentified homemade or recycled firearms have executed to the head of another person, like him, who had ties with criminal groups of Kaunas and killed him. He is also accused of eradicating foreign assets – a car accident and attempted bribery of civil servants.

In this case, M. Mazeika was arrested for a few days after the crime he would have committed. And arrested. In November 2016, the Lithuanian court of appeal changed the arrest of M. Mazeika in the aforementioned deposit. In August 2017, after discovering that M. Mazeika continued to violate the law, he was arrested again by the court of Kaunas. In September 2017, the Lithuanian Court of Appeal also annulled the complaint of the lawyer of M. Mázaika, Ričardas Girziuskas, but also the arrest of Assoc.

As written after the decision of the court of Kaunas on July 19 to recapture Mažeikas, he remained secret for a time until he was eventually arrested with the help of the public.

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