The managers of Kaunas Mega have access to the reconstruction of the motorway

Kaunas supermarket manager Mega will continue a number of Lithuanian cars that are planned to redevelop the VilniusKlaipda highway to Kaunas.

The manager of Megas Augustinas Rakauskas, an entrepreneur indirectly managed by AB Baltic Shopping Centers (BSC), reported that he had approached the Kaunas District Courts of the Regional Administrative Court to declare illegal design proposals for the reconstruction of the Ring and to cancel approval.

Until 7 September it is necessary to clarify the procedures for the further development of the road reconstruction process for temporary protective measures.

According to Marija Varanavičius, representative of the Court of Justice, BSC claims that the activities of the shopping center are completely dependent on the possibility to reach the main road. He has submitted that project proposals deny investment and violate property rights and public interests, and he also advocates territorial planning documents. The complaint states that the project proposals provide for the reorganization of another level of Vytn arsenal in such a way that access to the trade center is irrationally difficult. This intersection creates contact with the supermarket. This would be the claim rights, a positive complaint.

Kaunas City At the beginning of the municipality the municipality started the project for the reconstruction of the Vilnius railway, almost 3 km long.

The BSC invested approximately EUR 4.1 million in various levels of the Vytn forces, which was opened together with 2005. built shopping center. When in Kaunas the municipal administration linked the formation of the planned marathon directly to the investor with the signing of an investment contract with the BSC.

Discussed in a pile

Viktoras Pranskietis, president of the Seimas, on the question of the reconstruction of the main road in Kaunas, the week I spoke with Visaginas Matijoaiius, the city of Kaunas. mayor, Valeriy Maknu, Kauno raj. Mayor, as well as Vitalijus Andrejevs, the head of the Lithuanian car, different directorates (LAKD).

The intention is to reconstruct 8 lanes from Vilnius to Kilapada from Biruličiai to Megh Merid: four central lanes separated by shelves are intended for transit traffic and four lanes are divided on both sides in two lanes for local traffic.

The reconstructed part will be a new second bridge bridge to the north of the Klebonikis bridge. Also in place in 1964 The construction of the 4th bridge with traffic arteries for transit traffic is planned for the construction of the bridge. Traffic in Vilnius Klaipėdos is being attacked by the new bridge.

Also expected in 1981 The repair of the bridge south of the 2nd lane, which is now underway at iKlaipda Vilnis, is under construction.

The preliminary project value is 100 million. EUR. I have nearly 60 million, each tile for construction.

Andreiev BNS said that reconstruction will not increase traffic.

According to him, the reconstruction of the Vilnius-Klaipėda highway in Jonava, Vytn (Megas) and Sargn Marines can take place before the end of the year.

I want to solve many problems

The reorganization of traffic, related to the reconstruction of the motorway, is expected to be completed in 3 phases, says Gintaras Petrauskas, city of Kaunas. city ​​council director. Because of the majority, nobody thinks and finds useful. Suppose it is the intention to leave the permanent cemetery where the Western Bypass connects to the Vilnius-Klaipeda highway. There must be more lane, and cars that make cars from Marijampols Via Baltica, turn to the side of the blow, must be separated from the turning point of Vilnius.

According to Panekov, the managers of Mega do not like the multidisciplinary reconstruction of the intersection, which is planned to take place after 10 years. On the Vilnius-Klaipeda highway, traffic jumps up to atoons, 4 medium-long roads are destined for transit traffic. To change the non-Latin bands on and around Vilnius and Klaipeda, this should happen much earlier than now. According to Mr. Petrauskas, this could only be a temporary misunderstanding.

Interventions in transit tapes with such sharp movements are not allowed due to technological limitations, because this outsourcing must be done at the top of the line, – says p. Petrauskas.

He agrees that the reason for the Mega Conqueror's reactions was perhaps partly due to the fact that Kaunas City had the violence of the municipal administration, which had to invest in the construction of an offensive.

On the other hand, it is natural that you want to defend your interests ", says Panekovas, but keep in mind that technology and solutions can change in ten years, while Mega can grow so much that it is as comfortable as it is now.

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