The Minister of the Environment, who is furious with the opposition, is strangled by his

Opposition Social Democrats, again threatening interpellation with the Minister of the Environment Kęstutis Navickas, some members of the Lithuanian farmers' and green Union (LIEU) factions who have passed it on to the government, also read "Lietuvos Žinios".

"Do not you think you are too good in yourself?" It seems to me that your arrogance is inversely proportional to competence. "Its activities, and more specifically, idleness, have long been angry with the representatives of green ideology (especially idealism). ", said Virginija Vingriena, member of Seimas' LVSS group.

She criticized the decision to increase the forestry rate, the implementation of the SFE reform and expressed her anger at the fact that even Seimas members did not receive a response from the Ministry of Environment to their questions. V. Vingriena argued that if K. Navicke had another interpolation, she would support her.

The chairman of the Seimas Environmental Committee, "the farmer" Kęstutis Mažeika, has been criticized by the Minister for the fact that K. Navickas, or the ministry headed by him, takes decisions without taking into account the opinion of the IGU fraction of Seimas. "Such a practice is unbearable, we will talk about the decisions taken in committee in September and September Problems with parliamentary control: indeed, through the ears and through the eyes, we will not miss this process, we will talk with the minister, "he assured.

K. Mažeika said that he would not support Interpol to K. Navick. "However, if we see that the minister is making political decisions without consulting the group, he will respond accordingly, and even the prime minister said that it is really up to the minister to raise some issues," he added. toe.

The Social Democrats of the Seimas initiated an interpolation with K. Navickas in May with regard to the possible damage to the former workshop, the inability to deal with the management of waste and packaging and the lack of preparation for forestry reforms. In June, the parliament supported Mr. Navick's answers, so he retained the position.

This week, Social Democrats publicly called on President Dali Grybauskaitė and Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis to request an assessment of the activities of the Minister for the Environment and other leaders of the ministry who did not oppose the increase in forest clearing. since 2019.

"The prime minister's immediate responsibility is to find out if such a Minister of the Environment can work, and in the end check with the president with a statement that he is satisfied with such a minister opening the way to more Forest clearing, "said Juozas Olekas, Senate of the Social Democratic party at a press conference on Monday.

The Ministry of the Environment initially proposed to the government that the annual cut-off rate for 2019-2023 should remain unchanged on the grounds of maintaining the sustainability of forest use, but the government took into account the arguments of other ministries, including energy, when making a decision. It is said that this is aimed at producing more biofuels and not at raising the heat price for the population.

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