The rest of the week weather forecast: will return 29 degrees of heat

The unforgettable autumn fall will still be summer.

Both on Thursday and Friday, the country will be much warmer, but returning heat is not suitable for everyone.

On Thursday the temperature will jump higher, it will be hot and dry summer.

At night the clear sky will dominate, the temperature in the country varies from 8-15 degrees. The hottest is by the sea.

During the day it will shoot up again, south, southwest wind will rise. In Vilnius the thermometers will place 24, in Kaunas 26 degrees heat. In the area of ​​Šiauliai and Panevėžys and near the sea there will be about 25 degrees of heat.

There will be no heat on Friday, but there will also be changes. Bubbles are colorful in the southern direction of the wind.

The night will be calm, without precipitation. The temperature varies from 13 to 18 degrees.

Day in Vilnius and Panevėžys will rise again to 27, in Kaunas to 28 degrees. There are about 26 in Siauliai, and about 23 degrees in the coast. In the south of the country, the temperature will rise to 29 degrees.

In the second part of the day there will be clouds of rain and thunderstorms, first they will reach the west, the northwest of Lithuania.

There will be heat on Saturday. At night it rains in Lithuania, plentiful in places and expected thunderstorms. Above 14-19 degrees of heat.

During the day there will be more cracks, only somewhere. Pine forest, northwest wind.

In Vilnius, Kaunas and Panevėžys the weather is heated to 22-23 degrees. In Siauliai there are about 21 seacoasts about 20 degrees of heat. In the south, 24 degrees of heat is expected.

The temperature will rise again on Sunday. In places of the night, and in many places, short rains with thunderstorms will dry up. Bush is a shallow south-easterly wind. The night will be about 13-17 degrees Celsius.

During the day the sky rises to 28 degrees in Vilnius, Kaunas and in the south of the country. In Siauliai the temperature will be 25, in Panevėžys 27 degrees. On the coast there is a heat of 23 degrees.

At the beginning of the coming week there is a good chance that the heat will drop out again, that it will be fresher, it will often fade.

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