Trial against the new Telsiai coalition: the council decides on the appointment of senior officials

The "Employee" Mayor Petras Kuizinas calls these voices a test of the future government coalition of the district, formed about half a year before the municipal elections.

The new majority is formed as a result of the opposition's attempts to take over the district municipality by 40 thousand. people, power.

The Council will vote on the appointment of Kęstutis Anglickas, the representative of the Labor Party, as director of administration and the deputy head of the appointment of Almantas Lukavicius, representative of the "order and justice".

In this position they replace the dismissed social director of Saul Urbonas and the deputy mayor Kęstutis Gusarovas in August.

As a result of the new government majority in Telšiai, the Labor party, "Order and Justice", the Liberal Movement and various members of the city council who do not belong to the political groups, are coming to the conclusion.

Such a coalition would have 14 out of 27 votes in the council.

"We have an oral agreement between sober members of the council and we postpone the signing of the coalition agreement," Mr Kuizin said on the eve of the meeting.

He argued that the coalition agreement could be discussed after Thursday's vote.

The agreement would provide for a number of works that the new leaders would try to implement before the February and March elections.

"We will just try to complete the term for the district, for the community," said the mayor.

In the past, Telšiai was ruled by a coalition of the Labor Party, Social Democrats, Conservatives and Farmers & # 39 ;.

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