Weather: Mid-week – an unpleasant autumn surprise

Tuesday night predominant in the dry weather. Paro drivers will have to be careful, because somewhere visibility will be reduced by fog. The morning is cold, much in 10-12 degrees. Again, in the greater part of the country it is a short rain shower of the afternoon on this day. The south-western wind will be more active, buoy at 6-11 m / s. Usually it is warm in the south: in Vilnius, Kaunas and Alytus there are about 23, and here in the west, 19-22 degrees.

On Wednesday expected weather changes. From the north to Lithuania the cyclone clouds come closer. Usually they will cover the northern areas. The night begins to crack in the vicinity of Klaipėda, Telšiai, Taurage and Šiauliai, and the rain will continue throughout the day, next to the environment and around Panevėžys and Utena.

It will not only be wet but also windy, with many southwest wind flurries reaching 15-18 m / s. In the south of Lithuania the weather is not as autumn as it will only rain in places. What's more, it gets warm here: around 23 degrees in the Vilnius and Kaunas area, it can heat up to 25 degrees on the southern edge of the country. Unfortunately it will not be warm in Samogitia, so it will be difficult to rain in the rain, somewhere around 18 degrees.

On Thursday During the first night the rain continues in the northern and western areas. Later the clouds will spread. In the morning there will be a lot of 12-14 degrees. The day will not be as busy as Wednesday, and rainy weather is just a place. The temperature will not rise so high: in Klaipėda and Šiauliai there are about 18, Kaunas in 19, and in the capital about 20 degrees.

On Friday At night, somewhere it will be almost clear, then the temperature will drop quickly, & # 39; in the morning it will need warmer clothes, many will only be 7-9 degrees, on the coast, about 12 degrees. On Friday afternoon the sun is heated to 17-21 degrees. In the evening the clouds shoot up in the south.

Saturday will be quite humid in the southeastern part of the country, at which time the inhabitants of the western districts will get away from the rain. In many places there is between 10 and 14 in the night and 18-20 degrees on the day.

Sunday night somewhat near the sea, drying somewhere else. The temperature is comparable again. During the day only a short rain shower will flow through the country, and at the beginning of the week the temperature will rise again: in Vilnius and Kaunas there are about 19 and in Klaipeda 18 degrees.

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