Where can you go on foot in the Klaipėda region? (video, images)

Cognitive Dendrological Trail (Juodkrantė) | vakarukrantas.lt files.

Cognitive Dendrological Trail (Juodkrantė) | vakarukrantas.lt files.

Each of us should not only protect and cherish our health but also nature. View the places where more than 10,000 steps really take a day.

High-mountaineering highland cognitive trail

The Aukštumala swamp – & # 39; the world's first scientifically described high moor in the Šilutė area. 2004. This area has also become part of the European ecological network Natura 2000. One of the largest wetlands on the territory of Lithuania, together with the nearby peat area covers an area of ​​more than 2500 hectares. The 1.2 km long cognitive path runs along the surface, which flutters with the former wing and forms a one-way traffic of 11 stops. While traveling you will have a rare opportunity to find out how this swamp is formed, to know the plants grown on wet ground and to admire the emerald green eyes of the lagoon.

Cognitive Dendrological Trail

Nature lovers can take the ferry to another coast and take a walk on an extraordinary dendrological cognitive route in Juodkrante sengir. The dendrological cognitive path, which is more than 1.5 km long, is located in the northern part of the Juodkrantė settlement on Amber Bay. Take has 16 stops where you can find desks with descriptions of trees, drawings and photographs. From the beginning of the path over a few hundred meters and left, you will find an impressive soundfall resembling a megaphone. This wooden device not only "captures" but also reinforces the sounds of the forest so that people can enjoy the natural symphony.

Smiltyne Health Trail

Smiltyne, a town belonging to the city of Klaipėda and the Curonian Spit National Park, attracts residents and guests to beaches with a widespread and clean blue flag. The links to the beaches lead to paved paths for walking and cycling. One is the Smiltyne wellness trail, where you can also take a ride while traveling, try different sports facilities, which are even 12. This route in 1989 was initiated by Algimantas Laurinaitis, whose goal was to encourage more people to spend time and time actively to protect the Smiltyne forest from forest fires.

Baltic Sea coast

Via the bike paths in the Klaipėda forest it is easy to reach another extraordinary coastal area – the Seaside Regional Park, which belongs to the Klaipeda district. The only and oldest fishing village in Lithuania on the coast is the Baltic Sea coast, while maintaining ethnographic identity – Karklė. When the glacier retreated to the Lithuanian seacoast, it also formed a unique moraine gutter called the Dutch hake. It offers spectacular views of the sea. There are also fragments of the ancient Litorina seas that survived about 8,000 years ago, and they can be found on the steps of the cognitive Litorina route, where in the 19th century, At the end of the day a park was created for walks, planted oak, beech, platinum leaves, other ornamental trees.

Follow "Labrytys"

How fast you can continue your journey by sea, bike path through Nemirset to the most popular and active resort, summer capital of Palanga. The healthy pine forest and the iodine-rich spa are particularly suitable for active recreation. A wellness trail "Labrytys" is located next to the pine forest of the children's park Seaside. Here you can run a 6 kilometer long forest ring and enjoy the "Labrytis" shot in five active recreational areas with outdoor fitness equipment and sports facilities during breathtaking breaks. Bike racks, wooden benches and dustbins are also present. The course was quickly tested and judged by the inhabitants of Palanga, sports enthusiasts who hung around in the forest have already enjoyed the practice of the forest.

More study routes can be found on the website of the united region Klaipėda. You can download a free free mobile gadget for free, which will guide you along the way and allow you to discover undiscovered locations.

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