Australia has demonstrated an underwater robot: hunting for your stars

Australian researchers have shown a submarine robot on Friday that is capable of hunting for predatory prickly starfish that have been destroyed by the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists at the University of Kvinsland Technology University (QUT) said the RangerBot, a robot based on technology giant Google funding, would become a "robotic reef protector" to protect a massive world heritage site along the northeast coast of Australia.

RangerBot battery power is sufficient for eight hours, while the computer systems allow you to track the reef and accurately capture the objects.

RangerBot is the first underwater robot system in the world that is specially tailored to the coral reef environment; Real-time navigation, preventing barriers and performing complex cognitive tasks with only cyber-video analysis, "said Matthew Dunbabin, professor at QUT, who introduced the new device.

"This multifunctional ocean dron can monitor the various coral reefs, including coral mist, water quality, harmful species, pollution and clogging," he added.

In addition, the robot software will detect coral polypaying spittoon starfish and "injectable, deadly" for these predators, the scientist said. Mr. Dumbbin added that injection to other reef residents is not safe.

These starfishes have recently become widespread due to pollution and pollution from agriculture.

The Great Barrier Reef, an area similar to Japan or Italy, has suffered greatly from hunger for the past two years due to global climate change.

Experts warn that about 2.3 thousand. A kilometer long reef on the reef may have suffered irreparable damage due to fatigue, the impact of agricultural drainage and spiny starfish.

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