Delivering ambitious NASA plans to set up a moon station in 2024

Designed by the US president for the NASA organization, Jim Bridenstine, introduced plans to set up the moon station in 2024 for the media. This is worthwhile because scientists have more and more data about ice-cold water that is being flooded by the Earth's satellite. This tenth week of the 2008 hypothesis about water on the moon confirmed the first tangible proof.

For historical words of Neil Armstrong, the first small step on the moon, equal to the leap of all mankind, is one and a half years old. So much time has passed since the American Apollo program lasted a few years. There were 12 people walking across the surface of the moon. Their walk and more, the promise of the American president, was repeated by the designated administrator of NASA. But in the beginning Americans will launch a rotating station around the moon in 2004. The spacecraft needed to make it is still under construction, after two years of the first flight, and then begins to fly to the moon and transport parts of the stations.

In the 2022, we will reach the orbit of the moon with an SLS rocket designed for long-distance journeys. I am talking about the largest rocket made in the history of mankind. It is higher than the Statue of Liberty, "Bridenstine said.

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