India plans to fly to space by 2022

"India will send man or woman to space by 2022 or earlier, if possible," – said N. Modi in his long speech in the Delhi Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day

Astronaut will "the carry national flag ", added Prime Minister

Conservative head of government stressed that India would be the only fourth country behind Russia, the United States and China to let people into space.

India has invested heavily in its space program over the past decade by intensifying competition with China [19659002] The country aims to fly the probe to the moon by 2019. Last week, the Indian Space Research Organization announced it.

The Chandrayaan 2 runway must contain a device that will land on the lunar surface and collect data. Due to changes in the design of the device, the space agency had to postpone the planned mission of last year.

In 2008, Chandrayaan 1, a track device, launched a lunar orbit around the moon and provided a probe on a natural earth satellite

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