NASA & # 39; s Mars probe landed like a textbook

But the real concern was that a $ 1 billion mission on Earth was developed without the ability to fully test the entire series of landing processes. There were separate tests on items that were crucial for the landing, such as the dangling of a heat shield, parachuting in a wind tunnel, countries with rocket propulsion and other steps, but it was not possible to detect all flight on Earth, according to NASA & # 39 ; s engineers considered it an achievement when all actors play their role individually, but fulfill the whole role only when the spectators come together.

Concerned about the value and not the most successful landing in Marseille: although the Marseille equipment from NASA usually lands successfully, the Soviet Union and Russia have a red planet as if they were connected – all devices from one of these states that sent to Mars, crashed or made no contact with the earth.

Meanwhile, the Insight seismic activity communicates with NASA technicians and has already sent their first photo of their environment.

For a more convenient communication with the earth (at least for the monitoring of the landing phase) NASA then sent its own probe with two NanoSAT satellites in suitcase format of 6 segments, which performed equally well.

In the coming days, Insight will install a seismometer and a thermometer at a depth of five meters to measure the internal temperature of the planet and its seismic activity. In this way, it will be measured how "life" is the planet itself, or that some geological processes are under way.

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