NASA is going to build Marseille

published: 22/08/2012 12:06

The surface of Mars

Mars country NASA (Reuters / Scanpix) photo.

NASA's US Space Research Agency will create what the model will be for most astronauts for Mars Expeditions. At this moment, the 3D Printed Centennial Challenge contest is already a half agent of the 18 participating teams, who will share $ 100,000 in cash prizes and be the first to win.

The team had to make virtual versions for the astronauts. NASA demanded that they be printed on a 3D printer and also encouraged the use of Marseille, the naturally occurring media (Mars-rock), to minimize the earth's red planet. Later, the sites in the virtual mockup will be transferred to reality: built with 3D printers, refined and tested. Eventually, the designers of the best project will receive 2 million. Worth USD is a cash prize.

The robot will also be made, which will download first, print a homepage for the Marse 3D printer and arrive at the astronaut.

Diagues have shown that teams have shown unique abilities and scenarios that enable astronauts to live and work on other planets, says Monsi Roman, head of NASA's Centennial Challenges program.

Asked when the first house for researchers is idyll on the other planets, p. Roman predicted: the first habitat should appear in the 2030s, indeed, we will try them first in Marseille, but in Mnul.

Among the five teams there are:

  • Zopherus of Rogers Team, Arkansas (Win $ 20,957)
  • AI. SpaceFactory, New York (wins $ 20,957)
  • Hahn-Yates of Jackson, Mississippi (Win 20.622 USD)
  • SEArch + / Apis Cor, New York (Win $ 19,580)
  • Northwestern University of Evanston, Illinois (won $ 17,881)

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