Scientists have calculated how much the magnetic fields of the Earth have actually taken

At the beginning of the 20th century, geologists realized that the northern and southern pillars of the magnetic field of the earth changed several times. This phenomenon took place periodically – between the changes that have passed from several tens of thousands to several million years.

From the moment of the present man on earth, magnetic poles have never changed. The last time the process ended about 800 thousand years ago. Geologists from China, Taiwan and Taiwan went to Sanxing Eggs in South China to study stalagmites that could absorb fluctuations in the magnetic field of the earth.

An analysis of all stalagmites was performed, showing that they contain uranium and thorium isotopes. Of these elements it was possible to determine the exact age of rock (maximum error – 10 years) – from 91 to 107 thousand years.

The paleomagnetic studies of Sanxing-rock showed that there were many magnetodynamic anomalies on Earth 110 years ago. Their frequency and duration were constantly different. The amplitude of the rotation of the magnetic field can exceed 100 degrees. Moreover, the direction of the movement was unusual – in the eastern hemisphere, the poles turned to the south and east, and not to the north.

The duration of magnetic anomalies changed several times over 20 thousand years. 105 thousand years ago, it only lasted a few centuries and lasted thousands of years ago, 92-98 thousand years ago. The joint team of scientists could calculate how long the magnetic field was exchanged – 144 years.

Geologists claim that the data obtained for the first time succeeded in accurately assessing the characteristics of the geomagnetic anomalies in the magnetic field exchange of the earth. The unpredictability of the phenomenon is very alarming – the pool swap has not yet been 800 thousand years old and when it is time to wait for the next one, it is not known. Scientists have learned that the process will have a major impact on people's lives: the exchange of magnetic stacks will be reflected in the biosphere and satellite systems (communication, internet, navigation).

In 2015, NASA researchers reported on the results of Mauans Mars Atmosphere Survey. The data obtained show that the atmosphere of Mars was formed by the flux of electrically propagated particles from the sun. The planet without a magnetic field could not resist the "solar wind" that has drawn gas ions into space. Lost in the atmosphere, the Red Planet has dried up and is now no longer available for living organisms. Through years of Mars research, Marse managed to find only organic matter molecules that are not synonymous with "life". That is exactly what geologists are concerned: the possible absence of the magnetic field of the earth is at risk of catastrophic consequences.

Moreover, the acceleration position of the magnetic poles coincides with the attenuation of the intensity of the magnetic field. For a long time it was thought that he lost about 10 percent. within a hundred years. However, at the beginning of this decade, data from the Swarm series from the European Space Agency showed that the magnetic field of the earth was 10 times faster than expected, ie its intensity was weakened by about 5%. within a decade. And this weakening of the magnetic field along with the "flight" of the magnetic axes can mean the beginning of their exchange.

N. Sokolov

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