Barça, who played on the tragic square, saved the VAR from the last moment

The game of Saturday in the Spanish match of La Liga was played in the third round of the 2nd round.

The first victory was awarded to the Madrid Atletico team. Students of Diego Simeon broke their rivals Rayo Vallecano with a minimum difference.

The wings came in the 63rd minute in the stands of Antoine. Griezmannas.

"Atletico" played with Valencia in the first round, but winning a victory brought him closer to the leaders.

In the next game in which Alaves fought against Real Beatles in Seville, the encounter ended with a draw.

Last night Real Valladolid came in the fight against Barcelona. The dramatic Catalan put a healthy fierce with a 1: 0 score.

From the beginning of the game it was difficult to play the Catalans – the surface of Valladolid Square was replaced only a few days ago, so during the game the footballers jumped out of the lawn and the square became a real potato field.

Barca & # 39; s had a free kick over a counterattack 57 minutes into the game, but Sergi Roberto saved the ball with the goal of his shot that Ousmane & dom Dembele was mistaken for the idea, but unfortunately he was also as surprised as anyone could miss.

After a miss, Real Valladolid dropped his hands and caused serious problems for the opponents of the guest. At the 93rd minute the stadium popped into a euphoria that lasted only a few minutes.

Keko header gave Ter Stegeno a chance to reach the shoot and surpassed his luck in the match, but after a good action he graced the ball to the left, but the referee made the move.


Atletico 1 – 0 for Rayo Vallecano
63 & # 39; [1 – 0] A. Griezmann

"Alaves" 0 – 0 Real Beat

Real Valladolid 0 – 1 Barcelona
57 & # 39; [0 – 1] O. Dembele

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