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Soluble lay

Last season, the Premier League of Scotland did not have strong resistance and Aberdeen surpassed 9 points in the nearest striker.

It was the seventh consecutive championship title and 49th in history. After Celtic's rival Glasgow Rangers faced financial problems, went bankrupt and was deported to the lower division, "ferries" in the north of Britain began to become fully dominant.

The Rangers still have five titles for the Rangers, but it is likely that this backlog will even soften the coming years. Although the Scottish media are now much more involved with the rebirth of Rangers with the new coach-trainer Steven Gerrard, it is almost unanimously acknowledged that Celtic is still the strongest muscle in Scotland this year.

For the third year in a row, the Celtic team failed to reach the Champions League and the Celtic Park began to gather heavy unrest.

Scanpix / Brendan Rodgers

Scanpix / Brendan Rodgers

The first lightning strike started when team coach B.Rodgers said he wanted to reinforce the team with a few new players, but the club leadership did not allow the savings & # 39; regime after the departure of Celtic without the Champions League.

However, before the trip to Marijampolė, the coach struggled with mitigating the situation, claiming that he is perfectly in line with the leaders of the club and is ready to go for the eighth consecutive title, even with the resources he has .

Same luggage

It is clear that Celtic is in the Champions League and receives almost 16 million. The euro would have been a lot firmer for Rodgers to participate in the group competition.

Now it is necessary to use the same baggage as last year. It is true that the leaders of the club only recently rejoiced that they were back in the summer with their shoulders, able to strengthen all positions and almost unopened wallets.

Going to Glasgow from Dundee, goalkeeper Scott Bain from Paris Saint Germain arrived for an undisclosed new French striker Odsonne Edouard, Daniel Arzani of the Australian safe hired by Manchester City. Celtic also put his hands in the saddle of Honduran defender Emilio Izaguirre.

Scanpix photo / Odsonne Edouard

Scanpix photo / Odsonne Edouard

O. Edouard is only in fourth place in the first eleven. The 20-year-old Frenchman scored 9 goals in the last season in a game of 22 games and this year he was able to appear seven times on the field and scored 4 goals.

He and his compatriot, Moussa Dembele, are on the verge of a very dangerous tandem.

However, it is still unclear whether O. Edourda will play in Marijampolė. A few days ago, the Frenchman had suffered a minor trauma and added a headache to B. Rodgers.

Belgium has pushed the conflict

But all this can not be compared to the gap that the defense can turn if one team is left behind by Dedryckas Boyata.

With the bronze medal of the Belgian team in the World Championship, the defending champion after the successful Glasgow last season was tight.

The attention of the Sevilla Club was shown to him, and this immediately damaged the Belgian relationship with both Rudgers and Celtic leaders.

Up to now, Scott does not want to play with his main midfielder, but D.Boyata did not play in the third stage of the Champions League selection, where the AEKs fell for the Athenian AEK.

The footballer claims that he still feels the effects of a previous injury and can not play all his strength. Rodgers is on the contrary convinced and he thinks that Belgium is special ožiuojasi, to go to Andalucia.

AFP / Scanpix Photo / Boyata deadly

AFP / Scanpix Photo / Boyata deadly

The appearance on the square in the European Cup will automatically allow D.Boyata to be placed on the bench at the new club when he goes to Seville, so it is believed that both Spaniards and Spaniards, both Spaniards span, are considered to be so to behave.

Rodgers even said that he had an interview with D.Boyata and tried to find out the situation.

According to the coach, the men understood each other, but whether the Belgian would come to Marijampole and more likely to appear on the square, still a big question mark.

According to the Scottish media, Celtic has already begun preparations for Plan B. It is assumed that the Dutchman Jeffrey Bruma, who played in Wolfsburg, came to Glasgow if he did not save the Belgian.

In the summer, nine players left the team, but none of them played an important role last year in the tactical schedules of B. Rogers and most of them were lent to other teams.

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