Cheerful scholarships – for two LSU students

Students from the Lithuanian University of Sport (LSU) – judo wrestler Miglė Šalaševičiūtė and handker Aurimas Stankūnas receive nominal Kaunas Region Mayor Valeris Makūnas awards.

This decision was confirmed on Monday by a contract signed by Diana Rėklaitienė, acting chairman of the LSU Rector and mayor of Kaunas District V.Makūnas.

"In the Kaunas region, sport is definitely not the last place: we not only love basketball, but also other sports, and we also support that", said the mayor. The Kaunas district is especially famous for the handicraft tradition that Vytautas Giškevičius has provided for many years in Garliavė, and later also for other coaches.

The mayor also looked forward to impressive horse racing. "Last week, at the local council meeting, we celebrated the former pupil of the Kaunas District Gym Ieva Adomavičiūtė, who won the gold medals in a two-bed boat with Milda Valčiukaite, many impressive prizes were won by Eve's brother Aurimas. Adomavičius, David Nemeravicius and other athletes from our country, "said V. Mukunas.

D. Rėklaitienė is also pleased that the cooperation between LSU and the district administration of Kaunas is paying off. A few years ago the project for the construction of basketball stands and old crosses was successfully implemented. LSU teachers continuously support the third century Kaunas District University, hold distance exercises and organize conferences.

Candidates for the mayor's fairs were selected by the management of the LSU. Both guys are residents of the Kaunas district. M. Šalasševičiūtė, living in Tabariškės, is a Lithuanian youth judo wrestling champion and a Lithuanian adult vice-champion. Garliaviškis A. Stankūnas is a member of the Lithuanian Youth (U20) team and candidate for the men's team.

The € 100 scholarships are paid every month from the Special Merf Foundation.

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