On Saturday in Russia, Premier League-games were played in the fifth round. The first season of the season was defeated by Fyodor Chernych, represented by the Moscow "Dinamo" team.

Fedor Chernych

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The Dinamo team 1-2 had to recognize the advantage of Moscow "Spartak" in the Moscow City Derby.

The winners of last year's bronze medals were lost at the start of the game. 7 minutes into the game, Quincy Promesas's Lorenzo Melgarejo receives a yellow card for a first challenge.

82 minutes into the match, Vladimir Rykovas was relaxed and unable to play off again.

F. Chernyshch spent 90 minutes on the square.

Spartak with 13 points became the leader of the championship, while the remaining 6 points of the Dinamo-team fell to the sixth position.

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