ESPN reviewer with Marciulion's son sees NBA player potential / news

Photo: FIBA

Photo. FIBA

Augustas Marčiulionis, the leader of the European Youth Championship (up to 16 years old), was good at the scene of young talent with the ESPN journalist Mike Schmitz.

A prominent analyst with future NBA players has included the son of the Lithuanian basketball legend Šarūnas Marčiulionis among three worthy defenders and has chosen his opponent's attributes, with August being referred to as a squad-general & # 39 ;.

"The August tournament turned out to be the highest general, despite having a hit with a hit: 38.2 percent hit the middle class, throws, and the three-point zone – 11.1 percent." Morning & # 39; product comes with a special sensation, creativity and the ability to deliver the ball on time, which was reflected in the tournament – 10.2 points in 40 minutes with results were the best result.

Marciulionis is still far from what is possible with his big feet, with strong legs and very large steps that allow him to move impressively. It has excellent ball control, ability to control speed and transmission line. Augustus feels comfortable at his pace, but he can stand out even more by stamping and shaping his last arsenal.

He is also an impulse to advocate who struggles to fight, using his own status, by which he covers the transmission line and forces the opponents to make mistakes. August should have grown to father & # 39; s height of 196 cm (now August height – 189 cm).

Marciulionis has a chance to take off as NBA's future basketball player until he improves his goals. Now he improves the average distance, but not on a three-point line, "says August.

Together with him Juhannas Begarin from France and Fedor Žugičius from Montenegro got a sharp word in the defender's section.

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